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Posted:  06 Jun 2006 22:55
there is an old hymn that goes like this:
Many times in my childhood as we traveled so far
I'd get homesick the futher we'ld rome,
Fathers arm would slip round me and gently he'll say,
My child we're going home,
Going home, yes we're going home,
No theres nothing to hold me here,
I've caught a glimsp of that heavenly home,
Praise God, I'm going Home.
Posted:  08 Jun 2006 05:55
Going Home
By Bill and Gloria Gaither

Many times in my childhood when we'd traveled so far,
By nightfall how weary I'd grow;
Father's arms would slip 'round me,
So gently he'd say,
"My child, we're going home."

Going home, I'm going home,
There's nothing to hold me here;
Well, I've caught a glimpse of that heavenly land,
Praise God, I'm going home.

Now the twilight is fading and the day soon shall end;
I get homesick the farther I roam;
But my Father has led me each step of the way,
And now we're going home.

(Repeat chorus)
Posted:  23 Jul 2006 12:59
Thanks mountainmama, I did not realize that it is a Gaither hymn. I've sang this song for years, to my children and now to my 87 years old mother. She sings "Shall We Gather at the River."
Thanks again
Posted:  24 Jul 2006 09:20
I love that song as well. Our church choir sings that song. It is a wonderful song, one of great blessing and comfort to all those that hear.

Posted:  06 Aug 2006 15:43
It is a very heart-warming hymn.  It reminds that inspite of all of the sadness in our world today, Jesus has placed in our hearts the blessed hope that one day he will return and that heaven will be a place of joy and total peace.

God bless everyone
Posted:  12 Aug 2006 15:03
THank you so much.  This is a song my 80 year old
friend is looking for.  Its her future theme song.
Posted:  01 Sep 2006 15:57
i'm goin' home with Jesus
in the twinkling of an eye
i've got my reservation
for a mansion in the sky
i may not know the moment
or i may not know the day
but i know that i'll be leavin'
when He calls His church away !!!
Posted:  04 Dec 2006 01:48   Last Edited By: LFTaylor
There is also a second verse to the original "Going Home" song originally requested here:

Verse 2
Well my heart gets so heavy
And I’m longing to see
All my loved ones and friends I have known
But each step draws me nearer to the land of my dreams
Praise God, I’m going Home

Going home, I'm going home.
There is nothing to hold me here.
I caught a glimpse of that heavenly land;
Praise God, I am going home.

ALSO... on the last Chorus instead of "I am" you say:

Praise God, we're going home!
Posted:  05 May 2007 09:45
looking for words and if possible chords to every thing will be alright in heaven
Posted:  15 May 2007 07:47
that was the song that was playing when my grandpa took his last breath. ]:
it was his favorite and when he was too weak to go to church, everyone that could from his church would go to his house and sing it to him. it was really special and it meant a lot to me. it made him so happy. the cd was playing when he was dying and as soon as that song finished, he passed away.
Posted:  29 May 2007 18:53


Posted:  07 Sep 2007 14:59
There's another song called Home.
Can't find the lyrics.
'Home is where the heart is...
Anyone have the lyrics?
Posted:  10 Sep 2007 18:54

Home is where the heart is, my heart's on home, even though I never really had one to call my own. But I've been given a key, by the carpenter of Galliee, and the interests paid the title's made to me.

Home ... where there is no night,  Home... where the Son is the Light.
The place I've been dreaming of so long. Loved ones there to welcome me, but His sweet face will be the first I see. When my journey's over, I am going home.

Everybody dreams... of going home it seems, and lately I'm no exception to the rule. But home is so much more... than windows, walls, and doors,  it's the warm embrace and the smiles on faces waiting there for you

repeat chorus.
Posted:  25 Oct 2007 12:14
good but nt so gd because this is not the song i wanted to  find haha
Posted:  03 Nov 2007 15:21
How about this song? This is the chorus...

Home is where the heart is.
And my heart's home right now
And just the thought of seeing you there Lord
Is what this feeling that I'm feeling's about.
I've got a deep down burning hunger
To see the lights of home come into sight
And I'm so homesick... It's no wonder
That I'll dream of being home with You tonight.

(Hinsons song...)
Posted:  21 Nov 2007 10:46
It's really amazing....Iam really touch.....meet me to tears.!!!.. I will surely go home to the place where my SAVIOUR prepares a place for me !!!!
Posted:  03 Feb 2008 01:28
Going Home

Many times in my childhood, when we’d travel so far
By night time, how weary I’d grown
Father’s arms would slip ‘round me, so gently he’d say
“My child we’re going home”

Going home, I’m going home.
There’s nothing to hold me here:
For I’ve caught a glimpse of that heavenly land,
Praise God, I am going home.

Now the twilight is fading, the day soon shall end,
I get homesick the farther I roam:
But my Father has led me each step of the way,
And now I am going home.

Oh my heart gets so heavy and I’m longing to see,
All my loved ones and friends I have known:
Every step draws me nearer to the land of my dreams,
Praise God, I am going home.
Posted:  15 Feb 2008 02:35
this chorus has back up in it

Going home,             I ’m going home.
  oh I'm going home    yes I'm going home

There’s nothing to hold me here:
          no there's nothing to hold me here

For I’ve caught a glimpse of that heavenly land,
  yes I've caught a glimpse          of that heavenly land

Praise God, I am going home.
Posted:  07 Feb 2009 05:54
Today could be the day, Today could be the day
Jesus is returning to take his bride away,
and today could be the day

get ready church i here the sound like rain,
for that holy ghost revivals' on its way,
he promised that he'd send it,
if we'd just watch and pray ,
and today could be the day.
Posted:  16 Jun 2009 14:42
Anyone have a sheet music for this song ?
Posted:  14 Nov 2009 01:50
Thank you so much I have looked every where for this!
Posted:  15 Nov 2009 03:11
How about this one...

They say that Heavens pretty living here is to but if they said that I would have to choose between the two then Id go homw going home where I belong...

dont know the rest... dealing with a stroke issue and short term loss and it is so very frusterating... Getting better praise God... I did remembet the start of this one... GOD bless all
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 04:08
thanks very much
Posted:  22 Mar 2010 20:49
I wonder if anyone knows the Gutiar frets or sheet music for this all so beautiful hynm.  Jagsdochenry@gmail.com
Posted:  22 Mar 2010 20:56
when i make my last move
Posted:  31 Mar 2010 16:34
My Mother recalls a song to the tune of Going Home, and in the lyrics were the words "wild winds cry" and "bird without a nest".  Does anyone know this song? I've been searching and can not find it.  Any help would be appreciated!
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 23:38
Played it at my grandfather's funeral.  One of my all time favorite songs.
Posted:  31 May 2010 02:53
I need the sheet music to "Going Home" by Bill Gaither too....any help would be greatly appreciated
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 16:09
Thanks for the words. I see several people have requested the sheet music, but I don't notice anyone posting that they have it. I cannot find it on the internet, or in 8-10 different modern hymnals. I have a very poor copy of the music, but it's small and blury and hard to read.
Does anyone have the music.  nsales@aol.com
Posted:  04 Aug 2010 05:04
does anyone have the song to send via email?
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