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Posted:  25 Jul 2014 17:58
The topic for my daily bible reading for this morning is
Have faith in God and this song came to my heart googled it and was able to sing it through the four verses. Praise God, He is on the throne and would not fail me because He watches over me.
Posted:  09 Feb 2015 23:21   Last Edited By: ksharrard
Today I am wondering if there is verses to this chorus.
Have faith in God, Have faith..
have faith in God.  Have faith.
Have faith In God, for deliverance...
Have faith in God..
Posted:  02 Apr 2016 17:22
"Have Faith in God" is in the current Baptist Hymnal (SOuthern Baptist) and in the previous (1990's) printing of the Baptist Hymnal
Posted:  20 Nov 2017 07:10
Thanks for the lyrics of this hymn made available on web. The Lord was ministering it to me this morning and I couldn't get the lyrics. I searched Google for it and I'm greatly blessed and lifted by it.
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