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Posted:  29 May 2006 13:56
I remember some of the words to this song.
Can you help me with the rest? Thank you.

And they sang the song of Moses
the Servant of God and,,,,,,????
Just and true are thy ways....???

For Thou art holy...
Posted:  30 May 2006 02:37
Hi SavedbyGrace

Here's what I found:

The Song of Moses

And they sing the song of Moses,
the servant of God,
and the song of the Lamb;
Saying great, great and marvelous
are Your works, Lord God Almighty,
Just and true are Your ways, Lord,
O King of the saints,
who will not fear You, O Lord?  (repeat)

Hallelujah, oh hallelujah.  (repeat)

Not sure if this is it, but the only other version I know is the original in Revelation 15:3

God bless!
Posted:  30 May 2006 02:43
That's it! Thank you, thank you, thank you and the Lord Jesus bless you, too.
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