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Posted:  09 May 2008 12:29
I am trying to find the chords for the song "Prayer Warrior". It was sung by Tanya Goodman Sykes and 2 others.  I have been able to locate the lyrics but I need the chords. I anyone could help me I would appreciate it.  I want to do this for a Mothers' Day special.
This is the chorus if  it helps.

She's a prayer warrior down on her knees
Wrestling with powers and principalities
Standing in the gap for others
For her sisters and her brothers
Reaching heaven with her prayer
Prayer warrior
Posted:  10 May 2008 21:47
Have you found them yet
Posted:  13 May 2008 04:18
Yes I did thank you so much I think I figured them out
Posted:  13 May 2008 17:15
Would you mind sharing the lyrics?  Thanks and God Bless.
Posted:  13 May 2008 17:20

1.We may see her in the grocery with her children
   Or in the city nine to five each working day
   She's a mother or a teacher or a woman all alone
   But she's someone else entirely when she prays

C.She's a prayer warrior down on her knees
    Wrestling with power and principalities
    Standing in the gap for others
    For her sisters and her brothers
    Reaching heaven with her heart – prayer warrior

2.We don't see her lonely nights of intercession
   Or that tear she shed with every whispered name
   We may not see the simple things hidden in her heart
   But the eyes of God are watching her with care

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: And we'll never wholly know the debt we owe her
             For we'll never know the evil we've been spared
             Many nights she's crushed through Satan’s strongholds
             Reaching heaven with her prayers

Tag:Oh you have touched the very heart of God
        Prayer warrior - prayer warrior - prayer warrior
Posted:  13 May 2008 22:25
Thank you!
Posted:  19 Aug 2008 08:01
Umm do you know by any chance where to find the video!???
Posted:  20 Aug 2008 16:25
I am looking for a copy of the CD with this song on it.  The group is Heirloom.  My local Bible and Book store says it is "out of print".  Do you know where to locate a CD?

Posted:  20 Aug 2008 19:07
Hi April,

Good news--while the original CD is out of print, it looks like the song was so popular that Heirloom recorded it on several different compilations, which are still available. Here are some of them:

Daywind Trackhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

Thanks Again: A Country Tribute to Parentshttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

20 #1 Christian Hitshttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

Posted:  21 Aug 2008 22:04
Did you ever find the chords? I'd love to have them too!
I sang this song alot when i was a teenager for mothers day and stuff.
Posted:  21 Aug 2008 22:05
(My reply is this one above)
my email is ladyverlina at yahoo dot com
Posted:  08 Sep 2008 22:04

I am trying to find the lyrics to the following song: "Look For Me" by Tanya Goodman Sykes. Can anyone help me out? I would greatly appreciate it very much indeed!
Posted:  27 Sep 2008 04:15
i am also looking for the lyrics to look for me by tanya sykes. i would appreciate someone sharing them with me . thanks and god bless.
Posted:  27 Sep 2008 06:25
can sumone tell me wer is the lyrics for look for me tayna goodman ii really wuld like to noe them
thank you and god bless
Posted:  27 Sep 2008 06:28
i am also looking for the lyrics for tayna goodman look for me
cause ii need to njoe the lyrics so ii can sing the song in church and ytea well iif anyone fiinds it plz show me wer it is i wuld appriciate it if uu can find it
Posted:  14 Oct 2008 18:35
I originally asked the question concerning the lyrics to Tanya Goodman Sykes song "Look For Me" and I have come up with the following:
After some research and correcting lyric differences due to the fact that I simply could not locate the lyrics that Tanya sings. (lyrics were of another artist) I decided to go straight to her recording to tie it together.
So after listening to Tanya's version several times; I inserted the changes to reflect her Dad's original lyrics. Hope this sets the record straight for a very moving, beautiful song! Lyrics are below.

God bless you all! 



When you finally make your entrance to that city,
Of jasper walls and bright golden avenues:
As you behold all its beauty and its splendor,
Remember, there's just one request I make of you.

Look for me, for I will be there too,
I realize when you arrive there'll be so much to view;
After you've been there ten thousand years, A million, maybe two, look for me for I will be there too.

As you go down your list of firsts, there's no question,
We're gonna want to see our loved ones, awaiting me and you;
When you feel you've shared your story with the last one,
That wants to hear you tell just how you made it through;

Look for me, I'd like to hear it too,
I realize when you arrive there'll be so much to view;
After you've been there ten thousand years,
A million, maybe two, look for me for I will be there too.
Look for me for I will be there too.
Posted:  08 Mar 2009 01:13
The song Look For Me (For I Will Be There Too)  is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  I have been looking for the words myself.  Thank you and God Bless you.

Posted:  12 Feb 2010 14:21
Thank you so very much, thanks for posting "prayer warrior", you are a blessing. I've searched for this song for years now, and see where its been hiding all those times. I want to ask another favour, can you pls send the song to my email, its alweizpeace@yahoo.com, I wouldnt mind getting "look for me" too, I now have their lyrics, thanks again
Posted:  11 Jun 2010 14:02
http://apps.facebook.com/youtubebox/youtubevi ...
Posted:  28 Mar 2013 04:18
I am also searching for the chords to Prayer Warrior.  If anyone would share them, it would be much appreciated.  THANKS!!!

email address:  bdreed58@hotmail.com
Posted:  08 Apr 2013 19:04
I'm also looking for the chords to Prayer Warrior. I've been asked to sing this song on Mother's Day. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


email address:kathymmc@yahoo.com
Posted:  09 May 2013 16:38
I am also looking for chords to Prayer Warrior if anyone would please share.
Posted:  10 May 2013 23:23
I too am looking for the chords or sheet music for Prayer Warrior. My e-mail address is magreer@nsac.ca. Thank You!
Posted:  02 May 2014 23:18
Please send me the chords to prayer warrior. Cfv80@msn.com
Posted:  29 Apr 2015 21:39
Would anyone that has received the chords to Prayer Warrior be willing to email it to me as well? Thank you so much! My address is molly.grimmett@yahoo.com
Posted:  10 May 2015 01:42
My daughter wants to sing prayer warrior tomorrow for mother's day.  Would anyone mind emailing me the chords?  Thank you so much.
Email address is brolong@frontier.com
Posted:  13 Mar 2016 19:56
I also have been looking for the chords or sheet music for Prayer Warrior. If anyone would be willing to share, my email is lmm48846@yahoo.com  Thank you!
Posted:  08 May 2017 14:57
I need the chords also, if anyone has them.
Posted:  07 Jun 2017 17:07
I would like to also sing this beautiful song, has anyone found the chords?  If so, can you please share to acsparktweety@msn.com

Thank you
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