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Posted:  15 Oct 2010 07:15
Thank you so much, I had to give a speech at Church on 10/17/2010 and the title of the speech is Knocked Down but Not Knocked out, sub topic Hold on to Jesus and ride out the storm.  I wanted to sing this song at the end of the speech.  Thank God for your and all you do.
Posted:  22 Jan 2011 07:07
does anyone have the chords for this song.....I love it very much email me at dorcwilliams@hotmail.com

thanks, sister in christ Dorothy
Posted:  05 Mar 2011 08:42
i am looking for the gospel song w lyrics...i feel him touching me, touching you.  can anyone help?? southern gospel maybe??
Posted:  19 Mar 2011 20:42
Does anyone know the chords to Ride out your storm????
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 19:48
thank you very much this is what is was looking for  for a long time you make my day god bless you all was
Posted:  30 Jul 2011 02:36
thank you for your help with the words for ride out your storm may God contiue to bless and keep you
Posted:  13 Sep 2011 02:19
First time hearing this song, simply awesome,
thanks for the lyrics
Posted:  20 Sep 2011 03:26
Posted:  30 Apr 2012 19:08
Thank you for the words to--- Ride out your storm.
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 08:02
This song was written by Tina Sadler from Poplar Bluff, MO. She also wrote other songs like "He's Watching Me" recorded by Gaithers and has won several Dove awards. I personally know this lady and she is an annointed singer and writer!
Posted:  16 Jul 2012 20:42
i love that song real well
Posted:  24 Aug 2012 17:50
I would like to have autoharp chords to this hymn.thanks
Posted:  05 Apr 2013 18:42
Thank you so much for the words
Posted:  07 Apr 2013 01:44
Nursescruffy, you are exactly right about "Ride out your Storm".
It was written by Betty Jean Robinson and you can get a soundtrack from Daywind
it also has a demo.
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 19:38
If anyone has the guitar chords for this, could you email me at crystalabner@hughes.net   Thanks! God Bless! ♥
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 21:49
ride out your storm. omg i really felt this song...javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  03 Mar 2014 22:30
I don't know the name or all the words:
Fill my cup till it overflows and I won't ask for more Lord
I won't as for more, I won't ask for the sun to shine
or darkness to cover the sea _?_?_?_?
All I want is what's best for me,
fill it till it holds no more _?_?_?_?
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