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Posted:  28 May 2006 22:17
Can I have the words to the song Ride Out Your Storm please and thank you!
Posted:  30 May 2006 02:32
I believe these are what you're looking for:

Ride Out Your Storm

You've been in the storm, it seems like forever
And your night of confusion, has been oh so long
Your ship has lost anchor, and the storms got you drifting
But the night's almost over, so ride out your storm

Ride out your storm, God's right there with you
You may not feel Him, but you're not alone
You're hurting now, but your morning is coming
Just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm

Remember His promise, "I'll never forsake you"
Though the waters are raging, they'll do you no harm
Don't give up the battle, for the answer is coming
Just hold on to Jesus, and ride out your storm


Hope this is it. God bless!
Posted:  05 Jun 2006 03:51
i would like to thank you so much for having the lyrics to this song it means so much to me. I have tried other sites and there didn't know what i was talking about.  thank you again
Posted:  06 Dec 2006 21:44
Thank you very much. I had been searching for the words to this song.
Posted:  28 Dec 2006 05:16
where could i hear the song...where can i download it?
Posted:  22 Jan 2007 04:32
I visited my sister's church today and heard this song, and I just had to get the words to it.  Thanks a million.
Posted:  24 Jan 2007 04:38
thanks for these lyrics, i've been looking for them, thanks again and God bless.
Posted:  28 Jan 2007 07:50
thanks for the words to this wonderful songs. it is a beautiful songs. may heaven smile upon you.
Posted:  20 Feb 2007 06:47
does anyone no who sings this hym
Posted:  03 Apr 2007 18:57
Thenk you so much, this song has always given me inspiration and i've been searching for it forever. Thanks a million
Posted:  04 May 2007 17:14
For the person asking who sings this song, there is a version by Red Budd Gospel Choir out of North Carolina.
Posted:  13 Oct 2007 21:43
Elder James Flowers sings this song
Posted:  15 Nov 2007 03:15
Thank you very much because I thought about this song today and it really stuck to me
Posted:  18 Nov 2007 03:08
Thank You! So very much for posting the words to Ride Out Your Storm, a Friend of mine was Praying for me and she called to say she begin to hear this song. so I came to look up the words on line and found it here. again Thank You and may GOD continue to Bless in and Through your Life.
MJ in Michigan
Posted:  28 Nov 2007 05:35
I searched n searched for this song, n finally found it and there is a 3rd verse also. 3) You've cried many tears, and your heart has been broken, but its almost over He's coming again. He'll say to the storm "Peace Be Still" .Just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm. I found it @ http://media.audiostreet.net
Posted:  18 Jan 2008 21:02
I heard this song sung at a crusade and it was indeed a blessing. Continue in the Master's service.

Posted:  22 Jan 2008 06:53
absolutely lovely song
Posted:  25 Jan 2008 20:50
is this by bridget blucher
Posted:  25 Jan 2008 23:55
I just finished listening to this Hymn.A friend of mine played it over the phone for me.It was sung by someone from their Church ,in Newfoundlanf.I really enjoyed it.Thanks for posting the Lyrics.
Posted:  30 Jan 2008 19:56
this song can really help when you think there is no way out .So thanks to GOD grace and mercy i;m hear enjoy life
Posted:  05 Mar 2008 00:28
My Mother sings this song alot, it's a very lovely song.
Posted:  08 Mar 2008 10:07
This song is being sung by Rudy Roberts of Nassu Bahamas
Posted:  09 Mar 2008 17:19
This is a touching song to my heart. It relates to some stuff that is going in people`s life.
Posted:  12 Mar 2008 10:42
Thank you for the lyrics to this beautiful song. We have been studying  in our Sunday School lessons on God's presence in our lives. This is a truly a song of reference.  Thank you Steve and God bless you.
Posted:  18 Mar 2008 03:08
thank you so much steve. i love that song and it has a personal meaning to me. do you know who sings it? i am thrilled to have the lyrics and may god bless you! linda graham in sumter, s. c.
Posted:  18 Mar 2008 03:50
Hi Linda,

It's sung by Bill Sands from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Here's a page with an MP3 of it that you can listen to. On this page is a more information about this song (including the fact that verse three posted by MissLumBee above was written by his late brother, the Rev. Frank Sands).

http://www.audiostreet.net/artist.aspx?artist ...

You can purchase his entire album on MP3 here. I would definitely encourage you to buy the album to help encourage Mr. Sands to continue to write and perform great spiritual music like this.

http://www.soundclick.com/store/digital/01_Sh ...

God bless!
Posted:  22 Mar 2008 23:17
does anyone have guitar chords for ride out your storm it would really be a blessing if you do email to inlightofhim@yahoo.com
thank you and God bless rick reeves
Posted:  25 Mar 2008 19:58
thank you i have look all over for this
Posted:  27 Mar 2008 04:43
thank you so much my aunt used to sing this and i have looking for the lyrics for a long time.
Posted:  27 Mar 2008 18:05
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