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Posted:  04 May 2008 19:48
does anyone know the words to this song
Posted:  04 May 2008 19:50
I dident see him when he went up but ill see him when he comes down
Posted:  28 May 2008 21:01
I do. I can e-mail them to you if you would like.
Posted:  28 May 2008 21:04
When Jesus was hear he gave us the words of eternal life. He gave us his peace and he said I'll not leave you alone. And though I wasn't there when the multitude watched him ascend. Two angels in white announced he would come back again.
What a blessing it was to be there that day. To see him go up and in clouds see him taken away. And I know in my heart that a greater blessing waits now for me, cause I'm part of the crowd thats been watching the sky faithfully.

We shall se king Jesus when he comes in clouds of glory, if I am sleeping I'll be awaken from the grave. If I remain I'll hear the trumpets joyful sound. I didn't see him go up, but I'll see him when he comes down.
Posted:  18 Oct 2012 23:28
The name of it is When He Comes Down by The Hoppers.
Posted:  02 Aug 2014 15:36
A lady in Dallas County North Carolina Church of God sang that song on you tube and I can't find it again. I'd like to listen to it. Anyone have a clue?
Posted:  26 Aug 2014 00:41
Here's the link to the lady singing the song at Dallas NC Church of God singing this song
Posted:  03 Oct 2014 00:40
Please email the lyrics to me. 4pen@att.net.  Thanks.
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