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Posted:  24 May 2006 00:21
I am 39 yrs old and back in the 80's I had an album of an artist (male) that had a track on it called (or I think it was) "I thank you Lord". I remember almost all the lyrics but cannot remember the artist. Silly huh?
Anyway was hoping someone might recognize these lyrics and give the me an artist name so I might find another copy of it. Thanks in advance!!
Here goes what I can remember:

(verse 1)
When day is done, and your all alone
Everyones in bed and your finally all alone
And you have no phone to answer
and theres noone at the door, theres noone coming over anymore today
(verse 2)
And you sit beside the table and you think about the day
How you been so busy runnin and your mind begins to stray
And you get a peaceful feeling and you know the reason why
And when it hits you, you feel as if you could almost cry

Oh Lord, I'm thankful for today
It's been so different every since I decided I would go your way
Each day is so much sweeter than the day that went before
Thank you Lord for being here tomorrow

(verse 3)
Now your presence here in this little room
Its so beautiful as you spirit brings it's peaceful bloom
And it's more than human understanding will ever comprehend
That God himself is visiting me right now

(repeat chorus)

This is all I remember, hoping to get a reply.
Posted:  25 May 2006 23:50   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Gary85,

I believe the song is "Thank You Lord" by Chuck Gerard. Looks like you have most of the lyrics already

Mr. Gerard's Web site is www.chuck.org. You can find the full lyrics to this and more of his music there.

God bless,
Posted:  27 May 2006 00:44
That's him!!!! Thank you soooo much..this has been eating at me for a long time.
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