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Posted:  23 May 2006 20:42
Looking for the words to "I hold a clear title". I know the Happy Goodmans did this song, but I can't seem to find the lyrics online.
Posted:  27 May 2006 21:34
I remember the chorus but not the verses. Bill & GLoria Enterprises has seen to it that you can't find them on-line anywhere.  Even the sites which are labled 'lyrics', are just sites to purchase more of their CDs.

I'm not against making money, but where is it going to stop?  First you are threatened if you use a song in church unless you pay a per capita fee based on your congregation and now lyrics are stripped from the internet.  Are they so fearful someone might sing a song they have purchased "rights" to and not get their nickel?  I tell you, we're fortunate the Bible wasn't written in our time, you'd be daresome to quote a verse with out the Gaithers & others wanting royalties.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not for someone selling the lyrics to others without permission but you would think they'd want others to sing "their" songs.  Isn't that how Southern Gospel music (& all music for that matter) got started; w/other's singing what they heard?  Anyhow, I'm off my soapbox.  Here you go....

I hold a clear title to a mansion
That Jesus has gone to prepare
Fire cannot touch it
Floods cannot harm it
It never will need a repair
The termites can't mar its foundation
For upon the Rock of Ages it stands
And I feel that its almost completed
And ready for me to move in.
Posted:  27 May 2006 21:58
My wife just found the lyrics in some old files of ours.

I've heard people talek about heaven
and descibe its beauty so rare
So one day I purchased a title
to a mansion in that land so fair
It was given to me without money
but it cost my dear Savior His life
He died on the cross just to save me
For me he paid a great price

Now, I hold a clear title to mansion
that Jesus has gone to prepare
Fire cannot touch it
Floods cannot harm it
And it never will need a repair
The termites can't mar its foundation
for upon the Rock of Ages it stands
I feel that it's almost completed
and ready for me to move in

My deed was both signed and recorded
the day Jesus saved me from sin
My name was engraved in gold letters
in the Lamb's Book of Life safe within
I'm an heir to a mansion in glory
when from this vain world here I roam
I'm waiting for Jesus to call me
I'll lay down my cross and go home

Repeat Chorus

Thank God it's almost completed
and ready for me to move in.
Posted:  06 Jun 2007 01:13
Thanks  to you all for the lyrics. I have found them and  put it together as my husband use to sing me this song and it was my favorite.  He has passed away in January  and it will be engraved on his tomb.  Thanks again  and God Bless you all.
Posted:  13 Aug 2007 19:40
There's a third verse to the song:

So often I think of that city beyond the dark river of death.
Someday to that land I'll be going when from here I've drawn my last breath.
They tell me that in that fair city, no sad disappointments will come.
No sorrow, no sickness, do dying will be known in that city above.

Hope it helps!
Posted:  11 Aug 2008 23:25
I sang full time for a big name southern "gospel" group until all I heard was about the gospel of money. Money all the time. I hate to burst everyone's bubble but if there are 5% of them in it for the ministry I will be shocked. Thanks for these lyrics.
Posted:  17 Jan 2009 21:12
I understand Rev Warren's statement concerning the limitation of Gospel lyrics. It is a problem. However, I think Bill Gaither should be credited with reviving singing ministries of many of my favorite artists. Not only that, but the volume of inspirational and precious songs now available on VHS, DVD, CD'S, and cassette tapes would be paltry, had not God blessed his ministry the way He has.
For what it's worth.
Posted:  26 Feb 2009 21:58
There is another verse to this song that people neglect to add for some reason or another.
Posted:  11 Mar 2009 19:53
I am looking for the cords to this song..... does anyone have them???
Posted:  24 Aug 2009 01:54
weyburn@golden.net. I'm looking for the music to this song. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks for helping
Posted:  24 Aug 2009 02:30
I have the chords to I Hold A Clear Title. Just email me at msbubrry@bellsouth.net and I'll be happy to semd them to you.
Posted:  29 Jan 2010 02:19
Going back a long way....... Seems to me like this song was written  (called "I HAVE A Clear Title To Heaven) by someone whose name I am not totally sure of, but I believe it was something like Rube Perkins.  Anyone else remember this?
Posted:  29 Jan 2010 05:28
This is a link to hear The Happy Goodmans singing this song, God Bless!
Posted:  12 Feb 2010 05:42
There is an interesting twist to this song.  There is a man in my town (Heber Springs Arkansas) who claims he wrote this song, and it was stolen from him. From what I know, he has tried to regain the legal rights to it with no sucess. He says he has an early recording of it that he sent home while he was in World War II which should be sufficient proof. I wonder if anything will ever come of it; the man is getting quite elderly.
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 05:19
and another verse:

We've traveled through the valley together
We've gone through the heat and the cold
We've watched as our friends went before us
To join in that heavenly fold
Someday we will meet them in glory
and talk with the prophets of old
The treasures that are waiting in heaven
down here have never been told
Posted:  28 Apr 2010 16:18
i love this song. Thank you all for the lyrics. I had no clue there was a 3rd or 4th verse. I can play this song on the piano. Just learned it couple days ago. haha.
Posted:  28 Apr 2010 22:08
wow i also didnt know there was 4 vrs gotta get them all copied LOL thanx!!
Posted:  10 Jun 2010 18:02
My Father Charles Anderson singed this song every where he went.. Since 1960.. Never knew who wrote it.. One lady claimed too but she was about 3 years old at that time my Dad started  singing it... Dad use to tell me a blind black lady wrote it..I remember my MOM giving people copies all over the United States..My Father had a deep bass voice and sung this song SLOWLY.. Now a blue grass bands sings it.. Makes me laugh because its so fast..Yes there is a third verse
Posted:  06 Jul 2010 17:13
Clear title
(G )I,ve heard people talk about heaven and (G7 )describe (C) its beauty so rare(G) .So one day I purchased a title to a  (A) mansion in that land so (D) fair.
(G) It was given to me without, but  it cost (G7) my dear Savior his (G).
He died on the cross just to save (Em), for(D)me He paid 9D) A GREAT (G) price.CHORUS.(G) Now I hold a clear title to a mansion that(G) Jesus has gone to (D) prepare. Fire cannot touch it floods cannot harm it and it (A) never will need a (D) repair.(G) The termites can't move its foundation,(G7) for on the rock of ages it(G) stands.I feel its almost completed(Em) and(A) ready for me to move(G) in. I hope this helps .John
Posted:  14 Jul 2010 03:13
John do you play it fast or slow.  martha
Posted:  14 Aug 2010 03:38
This song is to be played 4/4 time.  It is best if you sing it with feeling.  Me, being of the penticostal faith, loves to sing it slow and let God do the work....
Posted:  01 Sep 2010 20:52

check this out- Bro "Gochow"? sings it around 46:20, but if you want to see something interesting, start listening to the Offertory @ 38:30 minutes in
(you need win. media player, or Flip for Mac)

Posted:  20 Nov 2010 00:51
WOW Thank you for sharing the rest of the song and for the chords. I've been looking all over the place for these.  This song is my favorite song.  Thank-you and may God bless you and your family with great blessings only He can provide.
Posted:  01 Dec 2010 08:51
So glad to know there is a 3rd and 4th verse to this song. I've played this for many years. Would anyone have the chords or know what key the Song "Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus, What A Wonder You Are" would be played in? Bill Stafford is known for this song. Thanks for your help. You can e-mail me at CNoland436@btes.tv
Posted:  28 Mar 2011 03:20
I have this song on an old album by REBE and RABE but the record is damaged and i heard it on the radio once by a bluegrass group but i can not remember who the group was
Posted:  28 Mar 2011 03:29
Also on the  Rebe and Rabe album are Lead me to the alter I got the corner  turned down and several other wonderful songs
Posted:  15 Apr 2012 20:45
I absolutely cannot find soundtrack music for this song in the Happy Goodman style. Everything I find is so fast, you need oxygen to sing it. Can help me?
Posted:  13 Dec 2013 19:24
Mansion Entertainment does a great karaoke production of this song. It seems the most enjoyed when i sing it in various places.
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