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Posted:  10 Apr 2008 20:04
please help me find the words to this song
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 00:50
I love the Lord, and i love his word
And i know that he died for my sin
there still are times in this life of mine
i need to hear it all again
how that Jesus came down to men
shed his blood and died for them
tell me how he rose again

tell me that story
how the king of all glory
laid down his life for me
its a story so precious
and oh how it blesses
i think i want to hear it all again
tell me that story

Gods only begotten
is sometimes forgotten
when things seem to go our way
more and more i'm finding
sometimes we need reminding
of what he did on that day
how he suffered the shame and the agony
endured the cross and humility
and all because he loves someone like me


this is a good childrens choir song.............
Posted:  26 Jul 2011 13:26
I'm not familiar with this Michael Combs. Now is he the one that actually wrote this song? I understand many singers sing songs and it becomes "their" song but who actually wrote it? I have been asking around for a few years as well as others and no one knows who actually wrote it?  Thanks.
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 04:54
Yes he did write it!
Posted:  06 Aug 2012 17:49
This is my favorite song. My mother is the one that got me into Michael Combs.
Posted:  09 Mar 2013 01:01
I love this song and am tring to learn it for my dad for his birthday thank you
Posted:  10 Aug 2015 03:20
Michael Combs did not write this song. A man named Jeremy Simpson from NC wrote it. I know this, because he is my pastors son.
Posted:  06 Jan 2016 02:47
Does any one have the sheet music to this song?  My daughter wants to learn to play it.  Thank you!
Posted:  07 Jan 2016 01:10
Michael Combs did indeed write this song.  He showed up early to a church for a concert one evening and the pastor let him in.  While he and his wife were resting from their trip he started playing the churches piano. Soon after God blessed him with this song.  Michael is a dear friend of mine, he writes 95% of his songs and its a shame when people try to say that they are theirs because he isn't a big big name because he won't sell out.  But I can guarantee you 100% that Michael Combs did write "Tell me that story."
Posted:  04 Nov 2017 17:02
Is this songs genre contemporary????
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