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Posted:  08 Apr 2008 06:10
hello. i was wondering if anyone knew the name and lyrics of a song, but all i know of the song is: "it's been a long journey but i have been blessed. walking with jesus i have no regrets."
thanks for any help that i get
Posted:  10 Apr 2008 18:05

Each day that I live, He gives more than I need
and I could never describe His goodness to me
if you ask how I make day after day
there is only one thing I can say

its been a long journey but I have been blessed
walking with Jesus, I have no regrets
He is so good to me and I must confess
the way has been long but I'm blessed

All that I need I find at his feet
when I'm hungry he feeds me with manna so sweet
when my soul is weary he sends peace and rest
and all I can say is I'm blessed

Now I've had my share of sunshine and rain
days filled with laughter and nights filled with pain
but with every mile as I travel this way
the journey gets sweeter each day

(repeat chorus)

        so much more than I ever deserve
        he's been faithfully keeping His word
        I've been cleansed by the hand of the Lord

I'm blessed, I'm blessed, I'm blessed

(repeat chorus)

the way has been long but I'm blessed

the way has been long but I'm blessed
Posted:  11 Apr 2008 02:39
Thank you so much. This is the song that i was looking for. God Bless
Posted:  10 Aug 2009 23:43
I love this song...Do you know where I could get the sheet music to it?
Posted:  12 Aug 2009 23:23
love this song we sing it at church thumbs up
Posted:  11 Oct 2009 08:44
The song is titled "I'm Blessed". It was written by Ricky Atkinson. Originally sang by his group, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion.
Posted:  18 Oct 2009 05:46
Love this song~ going to teach it to our teen girls tomorrow : ) we will be singing it at a ladies meeting in November!!!!!  God is good...all the time! Thanks for the song!!!!!  I play a lot by ear so no music needed!!!!
Posted:  28 Jun 2010 20:01
i love this song. I need the music notes for it! like the piano music sheets!
Posted:  03 Jul 2010 19:00
I love the song "Still Blessed"  .   How can I get the sheet music?
Posted:  28 Jul 2010 08:38
I really like  that song I am blessed!
Posted:  28 Jan 2012 12:31
Thank you sooooo much! I've been trying to find the words to that for a long time!! May God bless!!!
Posted:  09 Dec 2014 15:25
Can anyone please help with the chords?
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