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Posted:  08 May 2006 17:36
About a week ago, I asked for lyrics to an anthem and said that I remembered that it was written by a man who lost his family on the Titanic.  Well, thanks to "Steve", I got the lyrics to the anthem I was thinking of (Song of the Saints), but that is NOT the one written by the Titanic man.  THAT anthem is "It Is Well With My Soul", also with lovely lyrics.  Didn't want you to be misinformed!  ;o)
Posted:  08 May 2006 19:51
Thanks for the clarification!

Actually, just to further clarify, "It Is Well With My Soul" was written by a man who lost his daughters at sea, but it was not the Titanic (it happened about 40 years earlier).

You can read the story on my blog, which is updated at an embarrassingly slow pace

http://www.namethathymn.com/2006/03/it-is-wel ...

God bless!
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