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Posted:  27 Mar 2008 18:21
Does anyone remember the song, "The Apple Tree"?  I guess it was more of a recitation type song.  The music to sing with it is, "Lord I'm Coming Home".  I've been searching for the lyrics to the song, as well as a friend of mine.  The recitation part, talks about a son that was sent from home (i can't remember the exact words), but at the end, he had asked God to come in his heart.  He asked his parents if he could come back home.  He was riding on a train and near their house, was an apple tree.  If they accepted his coming home, to a white ribbon in the tree.  And he would know to get off.  When the train rounded the corner, the apple tree was in full blooms.  He had white sheets/ribbons all over it.  I know some of these words are not the exact words, it has ben a very long time since we've heard this song.  I do not who produced it or anything.  Please help.....
Posted:  28 Mar 2008 17:09
The words for this song have already been posted on this site, just go to the top of this page and click on "Hymn Lyrics Search Engine" and then type in "the apple Tree song"

God Bless!!!!
Posted:  05 Aug 2011 17:30
You can find the words to the Apple Tree Recitation here:

http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...

You can pick up any discussion of this great song there.

God bless,
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