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Posted:  02 May 2006 01:04
I am trying to find the lyrics to an anthem that our choir sang last year.  I am NOT sure of the title, but I think there was a story connected to the author of the lyrics; his family went down on the Titanic and he subsequently wrote this anthem.  I'm pretty sure the first line is "Tell the loved ones we are safe now, tell them we have no more pain..."  It's really nice and I'm trying to find it for a memorial service.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!
Posted:  02 May 2006 03:28
Here are the lyrics you're looking for. I never knew the story behind it

Song of the Saints
Words and Music by Pepper Choplin

Tell the loved ones we are safe now.
Tell them we have no more pain.
Do not hurry heaven’s journey,
but do not fear it just the same.

All will go through times of grieving,
ev’ry tear must be released;
but live a tribute to our mem’ry,
heal your pain with holy peace.

For our faith was never futile
as we trusted in the Lord;
ev’ry word now has been proven;
all we knew and even more,
all we knew and even more.

Ev’ry promise Christ has given
through our voyage was proven true.
Christ prepared for us a mansion
and a mansion waits for you.

Do not faint from earthly challenge,
hold your faith and live it strong.
Years on earth are but a moment,
days in heav’n go on and on.

Years on earth are but a moment,
days in heav’n go on and on.

Hope this is it

God bless,
Posted:  04 May 2006 22:32
That's it!!  Thank you very much, Steve.  It's a REALLY nice anthem.
Blessings back to you!
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