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Posted:  22 Mar 2008 15:40
I'm looking for the words and music to a song that a trio used to sing in our church.  As I recall, it goes something like this:
You ask my why I'm happy, I'll just tell you why,
Because my sins are gone.
They're underneath the blood on the cross of Calvary,
As far removed as darkness is from dawn.
Well, in the sea of God's forgetfulness that's good enough for me,
Oh Praise God, my sins are gone!

Thanks for your help.
Posted:  22 Mar 2008 16:07
Hi deegee1214,

I think this is it. Lyrics by N. Vandall:

You ask me why I'm happy so I'll just tell you why,
Because my sins are gone;
And when I meet the scoffers who ask me where they are,
I say, "My sins are gone."

They're underneath the blood on the cross of Calvary,
As far removed as darkness is from dawn;
In the sea of God's forgetfulness, that's good enough for me,
Praise God, my sins are gone!

'Twas at the old-time altar where God came in my heart
And now my sins are gone;
The Lord took full possession, the devil did depart,
I'm glad my sins are gone!

When Satan comes to tempt me and tries to make me doubt,
I say, "My sins are gone,
You got me into trouble but Jesus got me out."
I'm glad my sins are gone!

I'm living now for Jesus, I'm happy night and day,
Because my sins are gone;
My soul is filled with music, with all my heart I say,
"I know my sins are gone!"

Hope it helps. God bless!
Posted:  24 Mar 2008 23:21
Thanks for all your help!  I really love this site.
Posted:  25 Mar 2008 16:17
Might you know where I can find the music for this?  Even if I could find a CD or cassette, I believe my friend could play it after listening to it.  Thanks again!
Posted:  25 Mar 2008 18:37
Hi deegee1214,

There's a MIDI of the song available on this site. Hopefully your friend can pick it up from here:


God bless!
Posted:  27 Dec 2008 17:48
Could you give me the story behind the song "My Sins Are Gone"?


Posted:  09 Sep 2010 17:53
This song can be found on a CD of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet that Sacred Music Services puts out. It is my favorite recording of this song.
Posted:  23 Feb 2011 11:58
This is Pretty good for me.....thanks to whoever that post this.God bless you.
Posted:  10 Apr 2011 09:43
Thanks I needed this for a SS lesson on the "scoffers" of the leeter of Jude!
Posted:  13 Aug 2011 07:46
Thank you for the words of this song Steve...it's one of my old time favorite.

God Bless!

Posted:  30 May 2012 14:18
Check out Psalm 32:1  "Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." Thank You Lord for forgiving my iniquities -- for this is my only means to true happiness.  Thereby we know that not only do you love us, but you sincerely want us to be happy.  It is still a mystery to me Lord, but my faith is in You.  I will trust that even though you place me in a world full of trouble and grant to me a life with trials, tests, and tribulations, and though I face temptations -- I know deep within my heart that you, Lord God, want me to be blessed, happy and fortunate.  As opposing as these ideas are, as contrary as these concepts appear to be, I know them to be true.  Jesus, you were absolutely right -- in this world we will have trouble.  And, Lord, you were absolutely correct -- those of us who believe in You can be full of cheerfulness anyway.  The joy You place within us can not be exterminated by circumstances that surround us.  Thank God for internal happiness.  Now give me wisdom to preserve it.  For though it cannot be destroyed by outward things, I find there are enemies within me.  Give me strength to guard against deceit within my heart, for it is the mortal enemy of happiness in my heart (Ps. 32:2).  Forgive me Lord for anytime I have been deceitful and guide me so I may never deceive again.  And what a fool I would be if I ever thought I could deceive You, Lord.  I could never hide my sin from You.  But You, wonderful God, can hide my iniquity forever under Christ's precious blood.  You cover it thoroughly in the process of washing so that You can wash it away completely (I John 1:7, Rev. 1:5).  My sins are underneath the blood of the cross of Calvary.  Thank God my sins are gone!  No temporary covering as in Old Testament times,  but eternally removed.  I am happy because my sins are gone.  What a wonderful song this is; I don't think there is a more appropriate subject for celebratory singing.

M. Dean Graves
Posted:  02 Jan 2015 20:21
Amazing, my Dad and Uncle used to sing this song many years ago.  I would sing it to myself but could not remember all the verses.   Thank you so much.
Posted:  20 Jan 2015 05:12
Really a long shot, but I remember some large-format "sheet" music for use in either VBS or CEF or something like that. I mean, the words were large print and the sheets themselves were almost like cardboard/cardstock and they were almost as large as newspapers. Well, they would have had to be that size for the "young'uns" to see!
Posted:  19 Feb 2018 07:51
Still don't know the name of it.
Posted:  28 Feb 2018 02:14
The name is My Sins Are Gone. If you have access to the old burgundy hardback and I also have seen them in green as well. Its simply on the cover as "church hymnal" and its been found in just about every baptist church I've been in, for reference I live in NC. IT HAS TENNESSEE MUSIC AND PRINTING COMPANY Cleveland, Tennessee copyright 1951. It is on pg 318. Hope this helps, I have heard this song and enjoyed it almost 50 years now but I'm a music nut, lol. The song was copyright dated in 1934 by Harry D Clark, Winona Lake, Ind. And used by per in the "church hymnal" with writer listed as N B Vandall.
Posted:  28 Feb 2018 02:16
Guest Feb 19,  I hope that helps you out
The music nut
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