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Posted:  21 Mar 2008 18:02
I will serve you, because I love you
You have given life to me on calvary

These are the only words I remember. Thanks for any help
Posted:  21 Mar 2008 19:22
I found the song I was searching for

I Will Serve Thee
by Gloria and William Gaither

I will serve thee because I love Thee
You have given life to me
I was nothing before You found me
You have given life to me

Heartaches, broken pieces
Ruined lives are why You died on Calvary
Your touch was what I longed for
You have given life to me
Posted:  12 Jan 2009 21:23
What was the name of the movie with these lyrics i believe it was out on vhs in the 1980's
Posted:  14 Jan 2009 09:57
I Will  Serve Thee  is on page 660  in    The Celebration Hymnal
Many of the churches,   some of the Baptist churches are using this song book.  Bro. Bob
Posted:  13 Jun 2009 06:38
The movie containing this song is called Night Song.
Posted:  19 Oct 2010 07:26
actually i think the  movie with those lyrics was " the cross and the switchblade" i believe with pat boone...
Posted:  30 Oct 2012 00:58
This song is from Night Song. I saw the movie in the 80's at my church.
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 07:39
I know for a fact the name of the movie was called Night Song. It was about two brothers, one (the younger one) sang the song nd his older brother was always in some type of trouble. The end result was one of them dies nd the end of the movie played this song.
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 07:50
Need to fix my last statement when I said they were brothers. In fact they were friends.
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