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Posted:  29 Apr 2006 07:02
I am looking for the lyrics to this song and can't find them, if you can help I would sure appreciate it!

Posted:  01 May 2006 19:35
Hope this is the right one...

I have no one to blame
How I long to hide my face
I was so ashamed for all the wrong I'd done
I knew I had to pay
I was bound to face hells flames
I'd be there today, my friends but for the blood

But for the blood shed on Calvary's tree
But for the blood there be no hope for you and me
For all my righteousness is filthy rags and that's all I'll ever be
but for the blood that cleansed and set me free.

Even now I get so low
You know the devil lets me know
I'm so undeserving
I'm unworthy of God's love
And of yes I know it's true
But here I am with the chosen few
I stand today, I'm saved just by the blood.
Posted:  18 Mar 2010 03:03
who sings this song
Posted:  15 Apr 2010 00:41
The Hoopers sing but for the blood
Posted:  19 May 2010 16:26
Does anyone have the  chords to this song?
Posted:  20 May 2010 10:15
I have the chords for this song and if you'll email me at msbubrry@bellsouth.net I would be very happy to email them to you. They are typed up on Microsoft Works Word Processor but I can also put them on wordpad. God Bless!
Posted:  05 Aug 2015 16:47
The hoppers don't sing this exact song :/ does anyone know of the person who sung this song with these lyrics?? Please help!!!
Posted:  05 Aug 2015 17:20
I don't know who professionally recorded this version
but here are some live recordings of this song from youtube
Posted:  26 Jul 2017 19:50
Common Ground uses these words and does it wonderfully.
Posted:  23 Sep 2017 22:58
I think Mike Upright sings it.
Posted:  27 Oct 2017 00:37
Thanks for sharing this
Posted:  06 Nov 2017 19:22
Conrad Fisher sing this song
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