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Posted:  27 Sep 2013 12:55
Thank you for posting this song, have been looking for it for the past three years now. This song was sang in our local church (Baptist church Nephok-Awing village, NW Cameroon) by the Youths of Baptist church- Afuh, Awing, when we had Youth Conference way back in the mid 1980's. It left an impact upon all who were present. This morning, I woke up at 2am to pray and the song came to my mind, drawing tears down my eyes as I knelt praying for the Universal church humming its chorus. May your soul receive a Divine touch....
Posted:  28 Sep 2013 22:26
You can get the music sheet from the link below:


The song is a blessing to me. I am just singing it in my heart all day.
Posted:  02 Oct 2013 21:28
God is not a man can lie . God will bless the writer of this song and the person who post it in jesus name amen
Posted:  17 Oct 2013 21:16
Posted:  18 Oct 2013 10:40
caleb dear, maybe you could do a recording of the song and post it online.

Posted:  05 Nov 2013 08:09
pls can i get the piano key for this song, IT'S MY FAVOURITE
Posted:  09 Nov 2013 16:01
Thank you very much for posting the lyrics of this song.It's truly an encouraging composition.May God help His church to triumph.Amen.
Posted:  12 Nov 2013 23:35
Indeed,it truly pays to serve Jesus.
Posted:  24 Nov 2013 23:31
This song has being a great source of inspiration though I could only sing few lines of the chorus. A friend even mandated me to get the full song. Now I ve it and ll gladly share with all that care. May you be bless as you spread the word with this song
Posted:  11 Dec 2013 21:34
Am so happy I have this lyrics. I have been looking for this for long. God bless you for making available this application.

Rebo Ehwan
Posted:  21 Dec 2013 04:10
Pls i need d mp3
Posted:  22 Jan 2014 12:10
I need the music note for this hymn. Please someone to send it to me.

Rev Ibikunle
Posted:  10 Feb 2014 00:28
The chorus was my anthem as a a teenager. I have sought for the full lyrics in vain until today. I don't know how to say this, but let me try. THAAAAAAANKS!!!!!!!
Posted:  14 Feb 2014 16:41
So touching,praying to live according to the song.God help. tomzat416@gmail.com
Posted:  02 Mar 2014 13:47
I've been looking for the lyrics of this song. I used to have it far back 90s but  it was misplaced.  It just occurred to me to search on the net and you have made my day - God bless
Posted:  05 Mar 2014 18:42
Thank you for posting this hymn, you made my day. Very touching hymn, may God help us.
Posted:  12 Mar 2014 13:54
God bless your soul for making available this lyrics, am so blesed
Posted:  22 Apr 2014 15:48
Oh great, at last i have all the stanzas.   God bless you poster.
Posted:  28 Apr 2014 10:45
Wow! My mind is at rest now. Tђank§....... God bless you.
Posted:  07 Jan 2015 05:43
Great song
Posted:  23 Jan 2015 22:48
A true message, the cross we must carry, NO GOING BACK.
Posted:  11 Apr 2015 22:29
Thanks very much. This has been my favourite. This song always reminded me that i have a part to play even if salvation is free and God's grace is all and all.

God bless you for making the song available.
Posted:  18 Apr 2015 11:40
God bless you for making me find this inspirational Hymn.
A brother sang it into my ear while we were working in the plant this morning.
And I thanked him, and promised to go for the full lyrics.
Tam Theophilus
Posted:  13 Jun 2015 15:21
Bless you friend
Posted:  06 Jul 2015 03:49
Thanks for the lyrics it refreshes
my soul
Posted:  25 Sep 2015 12:47
i love this hymn....it really pays to serve Jesus....pls i need the mp3 were can i get it.
Posted:  28 Oct 2015 17:39
God bless you richly for this posting
Posted:  11 Nov 2015 19:59
Thanks a thousand!
Posted:  14 Nov 2015 11:50
thanks for the lyric. may God's blessing and grace rest up you
Posted:  05 Mar 2016 23:34
I'm highly blessed. God bless you.
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