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Posted:  27 Mar 2011 20:16
I'm just thinking on how to get this my favorite hymn. God will bless u 4 keeping it online.
Posted:  15 Apr 2011 17:54
God bless you for this wonderful post.
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 14:46
Please I'll love it better if all hymns will with sofa notation. Thank you
Kenn Shima.....Abuja
Posted:  26 Jun 2011 22:52
Thank you for posting this. I read this hymn several years ago and have not seen it since then.
Posted:  27 Jun 2011 20:37
wow, I have not thought of this song for over 45 years.  My mom passed away in 2001 and when she and my dad were traveling as the Singing Manleys that was one of the solos she used to sing.  Thank you for posting it.
Posted:  28 Jul 2011 23:10
GOD BLESS YOU... Stay strong and remain in his Love.
Posted:  09 Aug 2011 14:43
I have heard the tune long in my childhood days and have been longing to know the lyrics/wordings. I heard my colleague in the office hum this and I asked from him where he got the music. I couldn't believe him when he told me that it was in the net. As he gave me the index line I quickly browsed. The wording/poetry suites my present situation when even in the house of God I am tempted to buckle from how folks are treating me. Thank you for making this available. You blessed my soul. God bless you richly in Jesus Name. Amen

Stephen Vilawa
Posted:  13 Aug 2011 17:36
the lyrics of this song has eluded me for a long time,
this is a song that always works
it pays indeed to serve him whose words will always work.
john imaralu
Posted:  27 Aug 2011 17:54
Thank you so much for the full lyrics of this song.God bless you.
Posted:  14 Sep 2011 04:19
thanks alot. May God increase u.
Posted:  22 Sep 2011 11:05
thanks foe posting this song. it came to mind last night i struggled to recall the lyrics. God bless u
Posted:  11 Oct 2011 10:56
Thank you so much for this song. I have been humming it today and really needed the lyrics. God bless this ministry!
Posted:  25 Oct 2011 07:27
This song keeps reasuring me about the love of God which is so sublime and faithful.I think when i get married God willing my family must sing it every morning.
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 18:56
Thank all of you who have posted, for richly blessing my life with your sweet and strong words of encouragement.
Posted:  28 Nov 2011 04:45
Thank You and God Bless You for posting the lyrics of this song.

I lost my redepmtion hymnal book long time ago

I weep each time I sing this song and

My dedication to JESUS is renewed
Posted:  03 Dec 2011 04:12
this song remind me of a true christian dedication to God... Eyes droping tears as i go through it!
Posted:  12 Dec 2011 15:26
Posted:  14 Dec 2011 14:31
My old Pastor would always sing this song, it was one of her favorites.  I never fully understood why until it really ministered to my spirit, I really love this song but only knew the first verse and chorus.  Thank you soo much for sharing, may God richly bless you.
Posted:  05 Jan 2012 16:20
Thanks so much for posting the lyrics of this song . It really pays to serve JESUS very inspirational.shalom. dayo
Posted:  08 Jan 2012 12:50
please who is the writer of this great hymn? i need to know him why he wrot this great inspirational hymn
Posted:  06 Feb 2012 18:45
Thank you so much for posting this song. It's one of my favorites. It moves me to tears whenever i sing it. God bless you!
Posted:  19 Feb 2012 02:37
God Bless you real good for posting the lyrics of this song.
Posted:  19 Feb 2012 06:30
Thanks for this hyme. Its my best
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 15:12
Please what is the name of the tune? We need it urgetly. Revd Ibikunle
Posted:  19 Apr 2012 09:36
I was praying when the Holy Spirit put the song in my mouth to sing. I checked my two hymn books so that I could sing it to finish and perfectly but couldn't fine it, then it I found it on the net. My spirit is lifted. God bless you Brother Caleb.
Dr. Bukola Williams
Posted:  02 May 2012 12:21
it rili pays 2 serve Jesus. I luv dx song. I use 2 listen 2 it, wen i ws much younger den dx. Dx song is a blesin 2 my life
Posted:  02 May 2012 12:24
luv dx song. God bless d writer of dx wondaful song.
It rili pays 2 serve jesus. Dorcas Adams
Posted:  08 May 2012 16:00
Many thanks for putting the lyrics of this song online. Can you send me the history of the writer of this song and what led to its composition.

Once again, thank you.
Posted:  18 May 2012 14:14
I join others to say, ' God bless you for posting the lyric'
Posted:  28 May 2012 09:50
Words can not express how happy I am!

I am in deed grateful.

May the Lord continue to strengthen you and your team.


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