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Posted:  18 Mar 2010 18:49
You are blessed for posting this song online. Have been looking for it for ages, now i found it. You are the best, remain blessed.

Posted:  19 Mar 2010 06:43
God bless you richly for pasting this song. I search for this song for many years.
Posted:  07 Apr 2010 12:04
you are highly favoured of God and men for this good effort. i will like to know if you can, the history of the writer. This is more than hymn, it is a prayer as well.
Posted:  07 Apr 2010 12:16
may the lord richly bless you for this good work of you, posting this hymn will be a blessing to many people, could anyone mail to me the history of the writer of this hymn? God bless u all. 
Posted:  13 Apr 2010 09:24
Thanks for being there
Posted:  14 Apr 2010 11:34
Thank you very much for this lyrics.  this song keeps me alive the way nobody will understand.  but one thing i will like you to do again for me alone, and that is to give me a line by line analysis of this song.

God bless you sooooooomuch!
Posted:  14 Apr 2010 11:37
you can send me the analysis of this song through my e-mail box  - asofirenzi@yahoo.com.
Posted:  09 May 2010 04:45
Reading everyone posts encourages me a lot. I didnt know that in this sinful world we still have people that love the Lord so much and are willing to serve. Lets not give up in the Christian race as the Lord guaranteed us that darkness will never comprehend the light in us John 1: 5. God bless.

Posted:  25 May 2010 23:20
Thank you for pasting this song on your site. We heard it been sang once and we was eager to see the lyrics again. You have made our day. You have saved us from a lot of hassles. Thank you and God bless you. Sola & Bunmi Jegede, Sierra Leon
Posted:  19 Jun 2010 22:52
This song is always a blessing to my soul. Indeed, I am singing it in our Church on Sunday 20 June 2010 during Father's Day celebration to God's glory.
God bless you richly for providing the lyrics online.
Posted:  24 Jun 2010 19:12
What a blessing this has been to me. This hymn was one of my most cherished songs going up as a Christ. I am about to conduct a memorial service of a wonderful and faithful member of my church who had personified the  wordings of this hymn. I have been searching for the lyrics of this hymn -- what I could remember was only the last line of the chorus. I then googled it, and there the whole hymn appears. Thank you so much for posting it on  the Internet. God bless you richly.
Posted:  16 Jul 2010 00:02
Thank you for the lyrics of  the  song .I was just writing a     book in which i desire to include the first verse of the song
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 00:47
Thank you so much for posting the lyrics. This is the  song of my testimony anytime.
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 00:48
Thank you so much for posting the lyrics. This is the  song of my testimony anytime. Regina, NY.
Posted:  13 Aug 2010 10:47
The lyrics of this hymn seemed scarce. so glad i found it. it's a time i feel friends have forsaken me. i'm reminded no one can cheer me like Jesus today and always.
Posted:  27 Aug 2010 12:06
I have been looking for the complete wordings of this song, its a confession that every believer needs to be confessing everyday.

God bless you and I pray that everybody that comes accross this song, will sing it from the bottom of their heart.

please can you send me the notes of this songs also. my e-mail sanocy@yahoo.com.

Posted:  15 Sep 2010 12:27
I am also extremely grateful for your making the full text of this hymn available. I have been trying to lay hands on one for a very long time. God bless you!
Posted:  24 Sep 2010 13:57
i sing this every morning. God bless us. amen
Posted:  13 Oct 2010 09:37
U just made my day. I luv u for this.
Posted:  13 Oct 2010 22:54
Thank God I can now sing and sing this song well,now that I know the lyrics,
Posted:  15 Oct 2010 18:33
it's wonderful to come across this song again! PLEASE could i have a brief biography of the author/composer of this song? it pays to serve JESUS...
Posted:  16 Oct 2010 07:33
This song is a wonderful song of encouragement to christians tanks 4 posting the lyrics God bless U
Posted:  20 Oct 2010 15:50
thanks for the lyrics, i love this song from the bottom of my heart
Posted:  16 Nov 2010 01:24
God bless you real good for blessing my saul through this song, it's a song we use to sing in Assembles of God Church and it draws you closer to God.
Posted:  18 Nov 2010 06:51
I will be using this Hymn to minister on Sunday 21st thin month at Ibadan EAC Dasofunjo Odo Oba, 4-7pm after I have been looking for the lerics since 2003
Thanks for this website o .                                                                  Yemi Adetoju
Posted:  18 Nov 2010 15:18
so so glad. i've been searching all over for this song. so glad i've found it now. am so glad, God bless you so much. thamks a million, you can't imagine my joy.it such a great song, any time, any day.
Posted:  20 Nov 2010 05:51
I did have access to the lyrics of this great Christian Battlefield song, but what a joy it was, reading the comments of so many persons to whom it brought such an awesome blessing. It almost brought tears to mine eyes.WOW !  -Jamaica W.I.
Posted:  08 Jan 2011 11:25
Thank you so much for putting this song up! I've been looking for this song for ages, I'm am so happy
God bless you richly.
Posted:  01 Feb 2011 21:16
Thank you!!!!
Posted:  12 Feb 2011 10:47
thank you very much for posting this hymn. I have searched for it for about two years now. God bless you
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