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Posted:  14 Mar 2008 23:43
by audrey28
Posted:  10 Jun 2008 17:22
"I am not worthy the least of His Favors
But Jesus left heaven for me"
That all I can remember for sure.  I know there is something about dying on Dark Calvary.
Posted:  10 Jun 2008 18:01
I found them! 

I am not worthy the least of His favor,
But Jesus left heaven for me;
The Word became flesh and He died as my Savior,
Forsaken on dark Calvary.

I am not worthy this dull tongue repeats it! 
I am not worthy this heart gladly beats it?
Jesus left heaven to die in my place
What mercy, what love and what grace!

I am not worthy the least of His favor,
But "In the beloved" I stand;
Now I'm an heir with my wonderful Savior,
And all things are mine at His hand.

I am not wortly the least of His favor,
But He is preparing a place
Where I shall dwell with my glorified Savior,
Forever to look on His face.
Posted:  25 Feb 2010 18:30
I have been looking for the words and sheet music to this song for a long time. Where can I get the sheet music?
Posted:  14 Mar 2010 00:05
Im sure glad to get the lyrics but is there anyone who can put it to the tune that goes with the song ???
Posted:  16 Mar 2010 05:55
The first time I became acquainted with this song was in a piano arrangement by Gloria Roe. I remember the tune but I would have to pick it out on the piano then write the score. I think I am going to search under Gloria Roe. I'll report back if I find it.
Posted:  19 Apr 2010 03:00
This song (words & music) as well as about 350 others, was written by my Mother- BEATRICE BUSH BIXLER.
Posted:  07 May 2010 01:18
My wife has been singing this as a solo for over 40 years  I accompany her on the piano.  It is the only song I can play, but it always moves me spiritually.  Who ever you are, daughter of Beatrice Bush Bixler, your mom wrote a great hymn and has been a blessing to thousands.

Wes Sundin

Posted:  28 Jun 2010 00:16
Hello daughter of Bea Bixler.  Your Mom was a direct blessing to me and my family.  Years and years ago....she was touring through Indianapolis and stayed at my family's home overnight.  I'll never forgot it.  We had her record at one time, but I'm not sure if my Dad still has it.  I still have the small red book of collections. We lost my Mom coming up on four years ago.  My Mom was a wonderful mezzo and sang many of your Mom's songs...Life is a Symphony, I am not worthy, and many others.  I too am a singer, mostly in the Opera and Musical Theatre genre, but have done quite a few myself.  You may remember your Mom talking about Gyneth Luginbill who was a dear dear church friend of our family's.  Gyneth has had several strokes, and I'm not sure if she's still living.  She and her husband Howard were living in an assisted living facility in Berne, Indiana.  Is your Mom still living?  If so, please let her know that The Higginbotham's in Indianapolis send our love.  I changed my name when I joined the Actors Union years ago, and my name now is John Fuller (Higginbotham.)
Posted:  30 Jul 2010 19:23
What a blessing to find out anything about Beatrice Bush Baxler. My uncle, Bill Becker was a song leader in Maywood at the West Suburban Bible Church. He had a vast collection of song books for doing special solos and such. Upon his going to be with the Lord, my aunt Betty willied me that collection. Yesterday I was sitting at my keyboard and the song "I am not worthy" came to mind. After looking in my churches hymnals and others it was dissappointing to not find that song. I knew it must be in one of those song books from my uncle. Fortunately, my aunt had made an alphabetical card file for EVERY song in EVERY book!!!  What a labor of love!  Pulling the card showed it to be in only one songbook- "Favorites #4' put out by Singspiration Music in 1956. It was a joy to play and sing it to myself and the LORD. (and in my favorite key of F!  I've been searching the internet this morning for anything to do with Ms Bixler and stumbled on this web site. I think my 'stumbling' was a gift from God!?!  I would love to know more about the woman who wrote the humbling words to this song.
Posted:  07 Oct 2010 17:22
My Bible Study Fellowship lessons this year are from Isaiah.  This week we are studying Chapter 6 and this morning I was working on questions from verse 5 - Isaiah speaking of his unclean lips.  This song popped into my head from years ago so I did a search and found this website - just like sixpocketwilly!  (previous post).  How wonderful to learn more about the song and the composer.  Thanks.
Posted:  09 Oct 2010 17:10
I once had a copy of the music for "I Am Not Worthy" found in the compilation One Hundred Sacred Favorites put out by Singspiration, Inc.  Because a friend of mine sang this song so beautifully -- in the days before I had a copier -- the music was removed from the book and now is lost.  So I, too, am looking for the music.  Anyone know where I can find it?
Posted:  22 Oct 2010 19:43

This is amazing!!  I have just been asked to sing at a meeting next week, for senior citizens - and the theme of the meeting is 'Jesus loves me'. I was thinking and praying about what to sing, and the words of an old song, that I used to sing, came back to me'. But I could only remeber the last two lines -  Jesus left heaven to die in my place'what mercy, what love, and what grace, which is why I gogglede, and found this website!!!!After reading 'sixpotwilly', I search among my old music, and found, as he said, my dogeared copy of Singspirations 'Favourites no 4'!!!  SO - I will be singing it next Tuesday!
Posted:  05 Nov 2010 22:27
Thank you all for posting this info. I have been singing portions of this song and wanted the rest of the lyrics. Blessings through the shed blood of Jesus!
Posted:  13 Nov 2010 12:32
This beautiful song has meant much to me from my early teen years when my Aunt and Uncle stood in our livingroom to sing a beautiful duet of this unforgettable  hymn. It has blessed my life many times since and now nearing 67 yrs found myself singing it again in front of the bathroom mirror and missing out on a line wondered what exactly are the other verses. How fantastic to find all I needed to know on google and pulling out our copy of Favorites 4 now can play as well as sing. Thanks to the Lord Who gave the song and for His faithful servant who penned the lines and has blessed countless folk since including me!!!
Posted:  13 Nov 2010 16:41
So nice to find this web page and to read the above comments.  Years ago I came across Ms. Bixler's music and have had 'ah-ha' moments every time I have played or sung her pieces.  The Breaking of the Bread has been a favorite of mine - the minor and major - telling the story.  Some time after I found her music, she came to Kalamazoo, MI, to a Winning Women retreat and was the artist for that weekend 'gathering'.  How blessed we were.  Does anyone know if there is any kind of a biography concerning Ms. Bixler - I have been searching but at this point have not found.  Perhaps I just have not searched enough.  God gave her a/the gift.  She developed it and used it for HIM - only heaven will reveal the vast impact 'that gift' has made on us.  Blessings!!!
Posted:  13 Dec 2010 14:45
This is Beas' daughter, Barb again. I am so moved to read all these posts!! I know my Mom has a great gift & it's wonderful to see that she is so appreciated!! She just had her 94th b-day on Nov. 7th. She is in a nursing home, but still pretty "with-it". Her address, if any of you would like it is: Elderwood
37 N. Chemung St.
Waverly,NY 14892
Her vision is very poor, so any cards or letters that come, I will read to her.

Blessings to you all!!!
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 21:40
I am a first cousin of Bea's; in fact, our homes were side by side in Waverly, New York for many years.

Our extended family has always felt bad that Bea's music didn't receive wider coverage than it did.  She was without funds to promote her music but had she been born in this era with the advent of computers and YouTubes and other venues, she would have become far better known.  Even so, her following may not be huge but it is constant and the friends she made over her 94 years have become lifelong friends. Her husband, Rev. Clair Bixler, was a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor for many years so Bea was invited to sing at many C&MA missionary conventions, summer camp meetings and retreats. Those who have her 78 rpm records know they have a treasure. I am waiting for one of  today's best known singers, such as Janet Paschall or others from the Gaither Homecoming Series to become acquainted with some of her more popular songs such as "I am Not Worthy," "It May Be Today," "Life Is A Symphony" and so many others, and decide to include it on one of their albums. Her music is so inspired that it deserves world-wide exposure and I feel certain that it will receive just that one day in the not-too-distant future.  One thing is certain:  when Bea arrives in heaven (she is now 94), she will be invited to sing as soloist with the greatest choir ever assembled. Even at this age and as a resident in a nursing home, she sings and plays for the other patients there.  I have never known her to refuse to play and sing for anyone.  One other fact that bears mentioning is that Bea was an accomplished pianist as well as composer and vocalist. Had she chosen another vocation, she would easily have become one of the most-recognized pianists with the finest symphonies in America.  She chose to dedicate all her talents to the cause of Jesus Christ instead.
Posted:  21 May 2011 20:40
I am very excited to have found the words to "I am not worthy" and I was blown away to find it was written by Bea Bixler.  She sang/spoke several times at WMPF/Alliance Women's retreats here in New England.  She also spoke at the White Mtn. Chapel in Conway, NH.  We knew her for her song, "The Breaking of the Bread" especially.  What a small world and even smaller in Christian circles.  I have a friend who, I am sure will have "Favorites #4" so I can copy the words and music.  Thanks for the info and God Bless
Posted:  27 Jul 2011 06:28
It's after midnight,but I couldn't sleep. I was remembering this song my mother sang when I was a child. I knew Beatrice Bixler had written it I just didn't know where to find it. Glad I found this site. Now I can go to bed knowing where to get help finding the music I love.
Posted:  14 Aug 2011 21:08
Thank you so much for this song, "I am not worthy."
The first song I sang in Grace College, Winona Lake, IN.
I lost the music.
God bless you-
Friend in Christ,
JSE (no e-mail)
Posted:  02 Oct 2011 03:51
We have a hymn sing at our church tomorrow night.  And, my wife and I were picking out a few tunes to do with Trombone/Piano.  All of a sudden, I realized that we had 2 songs by Beatrice Bixler.  So, I said why don't we feature her tunes tomorrow night. 
We will be playing I Am Not Worthy, Life Is A Symphony, and It May Be Today.  I have been playing these tunes for probably about 40 years now.  They are still a blessing today.

Daniel and Marilee Sanborn
Minneapolis, MN
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 16:59
I woke up this morning remembering this old hymn I learned as a teen.
I would often sing in a trio and knew the words by heart.  But today I could only remember the first verse and chorus.  I searched online and found this site! Thanks to everyone who shared information and especially about the author. What a blessing that she can still sing and play piano at the home and for the Lord!
Jan McMurray, Regina, SK
Posted:  11 Mar 2012 02:10
Bea sang for my mother, Shirley L. Keiser, and  Father, Rev. James E. Moore's wedding on November 17, 1951 in the Dover Alliance Church.  I had the honor of speaking with Bea via telephone several years ago.  "I am Not Worthy" is my favorite song and I have sung it as a solo in church.   My mom passed away in 1969, but my dad is 86 and still living.  We have Bea's album, "I Am Not Worthy."  Bea ranks right up there with Fanny J. Crosby as one of the greatest song writers of all time.  Barbars, if you get a chance, I would like to hear from you.  We live in Montoursville, PA.  Jeff Moore  Jmoore1927@verizon.net
Posted:  22 Apr 2012 14:33
I heard this song first when a very godly man came to our church (King Street Baptist Church) to serve as interim pastor.  He was singing the song out of a book "Sing High  With Roland Felts" and I was his accompanist.  It was his favorite and he sang it more than once, which I believe was a real blessing to me.  The man's life was the very epitome of this song, so that had a strong impact for me (I was an older teen and the church accompanist).  But ever since, the song has meant so much to me.  Modern songs echo this scriptural refrain in modern words, but it all takes me back to Beatrice Bixlers' words which, to me, says it best and most accurately from my own heart.  Thank you, Mrs. Bixler for your godly faithfulness to record what the Lord showed you so that we all may join with you.  What a wonder it will be when we all join together in heaven as I am sure we will and sing a song even higher in glory, but completely in tune with the text of this song. 

Tamara W.
Posted:  08 May 2012 05:36
I played the song "I Am Not Worthy" this past Sunday at church. I have loved the tune for years but never found the words I think. So i looked up the words tonight and found all these comments. I am grateful for the words too. The piece was in a Singspiration publication called the Gospel Organist arranged by Harold De Cou. Next time I play it I hope to sing it or have a group sing it for others.  Janet M.
Posted:  14 May 2012 07:55
How wonderful to hear of Beatrice Bush Bixler! I loved "I Am Not Worthy" and "The Breaking of The Bread" when I was a young girl! My cousin, Judy (Kenyon) could play her works beautifully! I had more of a struggle ( as I was not great about practicing my piano lessons) :-/  Those wonderful chords in all her music were amazing!!! I had the privilege of meeting the Bixlers a couple of times when I was young. Once, if I remember correctly was in a Church in Pa. My Dad was speaking there (it may have been the church he was Pastor of) My Dad was Paul Kenyon (he used to play a saxophone) The Bixlers were precious people and I have never forgotten them! My Uncle, was Don Kenyon who taught at Nyack, Simpson, and also St. Paul Bible College! I hope one of the Bixler girls sees this! My Email address is: carolittledove@gmail.com
Posted:  20 Sep 2012 19:13
I know of a lady, Alice Mawer, who is 94 years old, who also is in a rest home.  She is still able to be out though, and often comes to church.  She wanted me to post a note saying she had heard Beatrice at a concert at our church in Paulding, OH.  At that time Beatrice lived in Woodburn, IN.  Mrs Mawer still plays some of the music written by Beatrice when she plays the opening part of our Sunday Services.  It is always such a pleasure to listen to this music.
Posted:  04 Mar 2013 05:41
very insiring
Posted:  10 Mar 2013 04:10
Can someone tell me if Mrs. Bixler is still living.  My mother, Florence Lytle, lived in Chemung, NY and was a classmate of Beatrice in high school.  I still remember her visiting the church my father pastored in Rochester, New York.  She sat at the old upright piano and sang several of her songs.  I would  love to send greetings to her if she is still living.  Please respond with a post if she is.   Dr. Bud Bence, Marion, Indiiana
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