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Posted:  10 Mar 2008 19:47
That's no hill for a climber that no .....some thing something
Posted:  11 Mar 2008 04:47
are you talking about the crabb family song, that's no mountain for a climber?
Posted:  12 Mar 2008 15:38
NO, there is one that is called That is no hill for a climber.
That's no hill for a climber that no battle for a child of God........ satan has already been defeated.........................don't know any more.
Posted:  13 Mar 2008 04:55
Oh ok, i'm sorry i dont know that one......
Posted:  15 Mar 2008 05:02
Here is "That's no Mountain For A climber

That's No Mountain

1. I looked at that mountain that stood in my way
Would this be my last climb, would this be my fate?
How my heart beat so fearful, what challenge awaits
But, strength rose up in me, God's power and grace

That's no mountain for a climber
I know what awaits at the peak
Jesus is there watching over, to see if his help I need
He makes sure that his dear precious children
Don't fall by the trial so steep
That's no mountain for a climber
When the maker of the mountain is standing by me

2. I beheld all the footprints that had been there before
Up through the cliffs and the rocks til' I could see them no more
And, I wondered what brave ones would challenge such feat
God said "It's the saints, child, that's gone on before thee
Posted:  17 Mar 2008 21:24
Not what I'm looking for but thank you just the same...I have this one. GOD BLESS
Posted:  18 Mar 2008 03:14
That’s No Hill For A Climber
1. We're always facing battles but we've gotta keep the faith
Ole Satan never lets up in fight for winning place
But I have the Lord to guide me every step along the way
So when Satan comes against me you can always hear me say
That's no hill for a climber
That's no battle for a child of God
Satan's already been defeated
And the victory's been won
Jesus won the fight on Calvary
When he died for you and me
Now Satan get behind me 'cause I claim the victory

2. Every time I try to do a little something for the Lord
Satan tries to block my path and keep me from my goal
But I don't care how high the hill may seem to me today
I'll take my Savior at His word and He'll help me when I say

Now Satan get behind me 'cause I claim the victory
Posted:  18 Apr 2012 23:54
Amen Amen Gods in control of it all
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