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Posted:  08 Mar 2008 20:20
I am looking for the song lyrics to the song entitled, "The Value of One."
Posted:  08 Apr 2008 06:43
verse one:
Could it be that up in heaven,
God is sitting on his throne
Anticipating another sinner
will soon become his own.
Years of wasted living and
years of toil and strife
are just about to be over
as he receives the gift of life.

Go sound the horn
strike up the choir.
A sinner is saved.
Saved from the fire
no more in darkness
he's received my son
all heaven rejoices
that's the value of one

verse two:
the holy spirit has been working
to soften up a heart
all he needs is a willing servant
to simply do his part
can you imagine up in heaven
the joy there is that day
as a sinner bows his head to pray
can't you hear the father say...

verse three:
start construction on the mansion
there on hallelujah street
he doesn't know yet what is waiting
when the savior he'll meet... he'll meet

go sound the horn
strike up the choir
a sinner is saved
saved from the fire
no more in darkness
he's recieved my son
All heaven rejoices ( x3)
That's the value of one ( x2)
Posted:  29 Jul 2009 01:06
does anybody know who sings this?
Posted:  26 Jun 2010 15:55
I do and alot of others do as well.
Posted:  03 Jul 2010 20:29
does anybody have sheet music for this song?
Posted:  08 Nov 2010 15:15
i do know how to sing that song ..
Posted:  06 Jan 2011 09:00
it's a wonderful song!amazing!Praise God!
Posted:  06 Jan 2011 18:40
i heart this song<3 im looking for the sheet music too! notify if found please
Posted:  06 Jan 2011 18:42
i heart this song<3 im looking for the sheet music too! notify if found please
Posted:  06 Jan 2011 22:46
I believe I have the sheet music at home, I will check and post back tomorrow and would be willing to email it to anyone who needs it.


PS. I am looking for sheet music to "Broken Pieces" if someone has that.
Posted:  01 Feb 2011 02:27
I Love this song(: my pastors wife somgs in amazing and plays amazing as well
Posted:  18 Mar 2011 02:15
Same here! This song always makes me think of how much God loves me and his great sacrafice for my soul. God is SO good!
Posted:  10 Apr 2011 13:11
I heard two lovely young girls sing this at a 4-H talent show recently - they did  wonderful   -   don't think I had ever heard the song before
Posted:  27 Jun 2011 19:45
Theres a verse missing
Posted:  06 Jul 2011 21:25
i heard this song this weekend  and i love it cant even get it outa my head javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  06 Jul 2011 21:27
temple baptist church in tn thanks for teaching me this song xoxo :P :P
Posted:  21 Sep 2011 00:34
Yes, Eric Replog sings this song!
Posted:  26 Dec 2011 07:48
can anyboding give me a piece for this song,,i realy love it,,pls here my email ad isterrahjoy@yahoo.com
Posted:  13 Feb 2012 23:44
I'm looking for the sheet music of this song, please email it to me if you have one. jasmin_fernando_27@yahoo.com
Posted:  24 Apr 2012 03:09
If anyone has the sheet music for this song please send to 8a9bf3253a@gmail.com I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!!
Posted:  16 May 2012 02:37
I would also like the sheet music thanks.  acasonhfl@juno.com
Posted:  26 Jun 2012 03:17
Hear it at www.terofamilyministries.com
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 02:51
thanks a lot for the lyrics That's the Value of one. the angels in heaven and God are so much happy if one will be saved!!!!!
Posted:  16 Nov 2012 03:05
i love this song it is the best one every i love it every much and u will love it to i bet it i will give it two thumbs up. i hope u love it and god bless u.
Posted:  25 Jun 2013 09:24
I'm looking for the chords for this song. kristamarasco@gmail.com
Posted:  23 Jul 2013 01:42
I'm also looking for the sheet music to "The Value of One".  Please let me know if you have it.
Posted:  19 Aug 2013 20:12
I have the music to this song if anyone is still looking. I also can tell you the chords.
Suzanne White
Posted:  15 Jun 2014 20:54
If anyone finds the sheet music for this please e-mail it to me at: donnie_lakes@yahoo.com
Posted:  29 Jun 2014 20:07
same here..thanks genrev082491@gmail.com
Posted:  06 Jul 2014 06:19
Please send me a copy or where to get the sheet music for this beautiful song at: spurgeon1156@gmail.com  Thanks!
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