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Posted:  26 Apr 2006 19:58
I can hardly remember this song. I loved it from my childhood. I would like to sing it sometime in the near future. It was laid upon my spirit.
It goes something like this:
He promiced us that he would be our councellor,
The mighty God and the Prince of Peace,
He Promiced us that he would be our Father
And he would love us with a Love that would not cease.
For he more wonderful,
That my soul ever longed for
He's everything he'd promiced
And so much more
He's more than amazing, more than marvellous
Could ever be
He's more than wonderful that's what Jesus is to me.........
Posted:  26 Apr 2006 20:00
Thanks very much, hearts would be blessed.
Posted:  23 Jun 2006 04:03
He's More Than Wonderful - Lanny Wolfe
Posted:  27 Jun 2006 05:45
Took a while, but I think this is what you're looking for:

He promised us that He would be a counselor
A Mighty God and the Prince of Peace
He promised us that He would be a Father
And that He would love us with a love that would not cease.

Well, I tried Him and I found His promises are true
He’s everything He said that He would be.
The finest words I know could not begin to tell
Just what Jesus really means to me.

For He’s more wonderful than my mind can concieve
He’s more wonderful than my heart can believe
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams.
He’s everything that my soul ever longed for
Everything He’s promised and so much more
More than amazing, more than marvelous
More than miraculous could ever be
He’s more than wonderful, that’s what Jesus is to me.

I stand amazed when I think that the King of glory
Should come to dwell within the heart of man
I marvel just to know He really loves me
When I think of who He is, and who I am.

For He’s more wonderful than my mind can concieve
He’s more wonderful than my heart can believe
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams.
He’s everything that my soul ever longed for
Everything He’s promised and so much more
More than amazing, more than marvelous,
More than miraculous could ever be
He’s more than wonderful, that’s what Jesus is to me.

Repeat chorus

God bless!
Posted:  11 Sep 2006 03:20
Hello Steve, maybe you can provide me the music chords for the song He's More than Wonderful by Lanny Wolfe, I like the song too, my email address is j3madoka@yahoo.com      Thank you and God Bless!
Posted:  06 Oct 2006 02:59
can i have also a copy of the chords of more than wonderful?...my email add is jodude_7@yahoo.com....thanks and more power... Godbless
Posted:  10 Oct 2006 06:14
hi, i'd also like a copy of the chords to More Than Wonderful... would you mind sending me one too? thanks a lot and GOd bless...
Posted:  10 Oct 2006 09:57
i forgot to put in my email address.. it's mg17_gladys@yahoo.com
thanks again..javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,'
Posted:  10 Oct 2006 21:27
i too would like a copt of the chords. i have to duet it with my sister in law my email addy is deso100@hotmail.com
Posted:  17 Oct 2006 02:15
Hi, Could I please get the chords to he's more than wonderful, also - thanks

my email address is stephen.oneill6@bigpond.com

Thank you
Posted:  14 Nov 2006 06:37
Thanks for putting up the lyrics to More Than Wonderful on this website.  I tried to get the lyrics from other websites but there were so many pop ups. I was very relieved to find the lyrics here. God Bless.
Posted:  12 Dec 2006 15:24

could someone please mail me the chords to more than wonderful as well, please?


my email addy is:  jones_p1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Posted:  18 Jan 2007 03:07
thank you so much i have been looking for this song since i don't know when
Posted:  27 Jan 2007 23:39
Could I have the chords please? drdata@chatt.net
Posted:  28 Jan 2007 00:05   Last Edited By: steveliu
I believe the chords and the sheet music are available in this book:

'More Than Wonderful' and Ten Songs ...

Posted:  29 Jan 2007 05:38
"The Very Best of Contemporary Christian Words and Music" by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation has the chords and sheet music to this song, as well.
Posted:  29 Jan 2007 07:23   Last Edited By: steveliu
Thanks Guest. I think that book is out of print, but it appears that there are still copies available at Amazon.comhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;

Take care,
Posted:  05 Feb 2007 12:15
can i also request for its chords? plz.. jan_lingad@yahoo.com

Godbless you all..
Posted:  08 Feb 2007 05:39
HELLO....thank you so much for the lyrics of More than wonderful..God bless..Keep up the good works...
Posted:  22 Feb 2007 11:22
hey guys bless you all this year could i please request a copy of the chords and lyrics more than wonderful to katl@igrin.co.nz
Posted:  25 Apr 2007 11:43
hi! I'm Terryfin from the Philippines. Will please send the He's more than wonderful guitar chords to me? I really like that song.  Thanks. fen2xcute@yahoo.com
Posted:  27 Apr 2007 06:48
i have a copy of chords! "more than wonderful"  here is the web site


Godbless guys!
Posted:  27 Apr 2007 06:52
if you have any questions here is my email add.. clifford_nabong003@yahoo.com tnx!
Posted:  16 May 2007 16:47
thats so awesome..i am glad you guys did this. i was supposed to sing this song and i was given a sheet of music  and a tape w/ just the music. i can read music to tell if the notes go up or down. n i can follow melody. i can't just up n sing a c or an a though w/ out hearing it. anyways i was supposed to sing this. and i lost the sheet music so i was hunting for the stuff and this is the only place i was able to locate it. even w/  just the words up there and the tape i have i should be fine. thanks.
Posted:  01 Aug 2007 10:07
hi! iam so thankful that i've found this site. iam looking for the accompaniment cd or if not i want to have a copy for the piano sheet for this  song . ny email address is keilah0@yahoo.com
Posted:  24 Aug 2007 20:07
Perhaps this is a Far stretch, but there was a group,...their title had the word "Singers" in it. They covered the song "More Than WOnderful" as well as did a song titled the "Rumor Mill". Now,...this is way back,...perhaps 21 years ago! Maybe even 25 years! Can anyone pick their brain to remember the name of the group?

Posted:  01 Oct 2007 10:00
i love  it so much
Posted:  02 Nov 2007 07:03
i would like to ask for a copy of the chords of MOre than wonderful... thanks God bless here's my email address... hannah12_99@yahoo.com my 6 year old nephew would be singing 2nd week of november... thanks
Posted:  04 Nov 2007 14:46
hi steve, i like the song very much, can you please send me the chords, this is my email add. TJAY_192000@yahoo.com
Posted:  06 Dec 2007 19:44
I am needing to get the chord sheet for this song as well.   I am needing it by tomorrow or Saturday Dec 8  2007 at the latest.  I hope this is possible.   
Thanks a lot and God Bless you and Merry Christmas!
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