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Posted:  21 Apr 2006 21:25
I am looking for lyrics to I Want Us to Be Together in Heaven.  Also, I would like to know who originally recorded this song.

Thanks for the help,

Posted:  22 Apr 2006 02:21
The lyrics are as follows as to the best of my knowledge. My dad and I sing it quite a bit in church.  I'm not sure who originally sang it, but the Singing Cookes sing it. A few of the words are different in the songbook we have at church. I think it uses "march" instead of "walk" in the chorus, and also the songbooks says "river of life flowing"  instead of "river gently flowing", but regardless, I hope this helps and is the song you need...debbie

  You may have a fancy car
  Brand new house that shines by far
  You may live to be a hundred years old
  But if you have not been saved
  It all ends with the grave
  But I want us to be together in heaven

I want us to be together in Heaven
I want to walk (march) down the streets of pure gold
I want to run through the fields of green clover
See the mansions, smell the flowers
Hear the singing, its all ours
See the river gently flowing
Feel the gentle breezes blowing
I want us to be together in Heaven

You may be a millionaire
Wearing clothes beyond compare
You may have the best that money can buy
But if the blood is not applied
Then in Hell you'll lift your eyes
But I want us to be together in Heaven
Posted:  26 Apr 2006 19:52

Thank you so much for these lyrics.  I have a great aunt who just passed and she had requested that I sing this at her service which will be tomorrow.  Thank you again for your help and God Bless you.

Posted:  19 Aug 2006 03:42
I want the song I dont know the name of it I know the chorus. the eyes have never seen but youll love everything your ears have never heard the way my choir would sing
thank you Karen Hall
Posted:  03 Nov 2006 17:37
The first group I ever heard sing this song was the Inspirations.
Posted:  14 May 2007 22:21
Thank you for the words of this song , I have a friend that sings beautiful and I will have her sing it for me thank you vivian
Posted:  15 May 2007 05:20
Wendy Bagwell and the sunliters also recorded this song
Posted:  21 Sep 2007 20:06
this song says it all but i have not found that the singing cookes is the only ones sing this song johnnie
Posted:  21 Sep 2007 20:13
anybody knows who else sind this song i wont us to be together in heaven
Posted:  18 May 2008 03:58
where can i listen to the song i want us to be together in heaven
Posted:  30 May 2008 07:33
Posted:  02 Jun 2008 04:28   Last Edited By: steveliu
you can download an instrumental version on itunes
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 19:30
sthmidy1969 you said you sung it in church.....do you play it or have the track.
can you post the one finger melody and the left hand chords?

or chords or anything you can post
and see if this what i have is correct so far
i have chorded the verse so far but i am having trouble with the chorus

thank you bluestreak711

http://www.learngospelmusic.com/forums/index. ...
Posted:  28 Jul 2008 19:23
I'm looking for the lyrics to a song titled "But For The Blood."  I don't know who sings it but a dear friend who has gone on to be with Jesus used to sing it in church and now I would like to learn it also.
Posted:  06 Sep 2008 18:02
thanks for the together in heaven i really appriate it my grandma sung it to my mom when she was little
Posted:  10 Sep 2008 00:46
bluestreak, sorry, i sing with my dad and he plays by ear., so i couldnt tell ya about the chords or anything..i did listen to your video, and it sounds great.  i wouldnt change a thing!  God bless!  debbie
Posted:  09 Oct 2008 22:15
The original song writer is Carol McGinnis Yeje


She is my aunt. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the music or song, and I will be happy to find out for you.
Posted:  09 Oct 2008 23:22
You can listen to this song on www.youtube.com   different folks are sining this song. just type in the name of the song!
Posted:  19 Feb 2009 04:27
Where can I find the music to this song?
Posted:  21 Feb 2009 05:21
Go to www.daywind.com to find a soundtrack for this song

type in only these words when you search for the track:

I want us to be together
Posted:  19 Jun 2009 23:56
Does anyone have lyrics to the song "Bring before my face a picture" by wendy bagwell??
Posted:  18 Sep 2009 04:40
For those who would like to know,  I am the writer of 'I Want Us To Be Together in Heaven'.  I just recently signed with SME Music [BMI] as the new publisher.  Thanks to all of you for your kind words...Carol McGinnis-Yeje, P. O. Box 175, Roswell, GA  30077... yeje@yahoo.com ... www.seminarsforsuccess.vpweb.com .  Contact me for a free copy of the sheet music....God Bless!
Posted:  01 Apr 2010 11:03
can i order i want us to be together in heaven?

                           Patsy Erynolds
Posted:  15 Apr 2010 00:32
But For The Blood - The Hoppers [G]

I had no one to blame
How I longed to hide my face
I'm so ashamed  for all the wrong I'd done
Yes I know I had to pay
I was bound to face hell's gate
And I'd be there today my friend
But for the blood.

But for the blood  shed on Calvary's tree
But for the blood there'd be no hope for you and me
For all my righteousness is filthy rags, and that's all I'd ever be
But for the blood  that cleansed and set me free.


Even now I get so low
You know the devil lets me know
I'm so undeserving
And  unworthy of God's love
But oh yes I know it's true
But here I am with the chosen few
I stand today  Yes, I'm saved just by the blood.

[Repeat Chorus]

But for the blood that cleansed and set me free,
But for the blood that cleansed and set me free. r
Posted:  30 Apr 2010 16:45
i knew who sung that too 2 fore jesus 2 women out west virginia where im from in ravenswood there good ppl when i heard that song i want us to be together in heaven songs remind me of my uncle jim he passed away september 11, 2001 if you all wanna right me chris_needs_help2000@yahoo.com thanks fore the song
Posted:  02 Jan 2011 02:54
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 23:48
Would really like guitar chords to I want us to be together in Heaven. Just basic chords please- no bar chords or anything fancy like that. Thanks and God bless!
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