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Posted:  24 Feb 2008 04:19
Please help, looking for the lyrics to He Is Here by Kirk Talley / Talley Trio some years ago. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Posted:  24 Feb 2008 04:43
He is here, hallalujah
He is here, amen
He is here, Holy, Holy
I will bless His name again
He is here, listen closely
Hear Him calling out your name
He is here you can touch Him
You will never be the same

Sorry, I don't know the verses
Posted:  24 Feb 2008 06:20
He Is Here

He is here! Hallalujah! He is here! Amen!
He is here, holy, holy, I will bless His name again;
He is here, listen closely; Hear Him calling out your name;
He is here, you can touch Him; You will never be the same!

Verse 1
I sense an awesome moving of the Holy Spirit;
I see His countenance resting on your face;
I know that there are angels hov'ring all around us,
For the presence of the Lord is in this place.


Verse 2
I searched for peace among the shadows dark and lonely,
Gave up on finding that strong and lasting love;
I tasted all the things that sin could think to offer me,
But today, I feast on manna from above.

Posted:  27 Apr 2008 20:15
i love this song but were can i look up more of the songs like i am happy with you lord
Posted:  29 Jul 2009 01:49
i'm looking for lyrics to second time around by the anchormen
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