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Posted:  18 Oct 2009 01:03
Thank you for the words I love this song amen

Posted:  20 Oct 2009 14:50
i seem to remember that at the end of the chorus it said "... i know, i'd be, made whole."
Posted:  04 Nov 2009 23:08
I am trying to find a song that has these lyrics ( or very similar lyrics) but I have no idea how the melody goes......can anybody help me?  Please email me at Num1gm@aol.com
Posted:  02 Dec 2009 22:19
The song I am looking for has the words...
Oh it is Jesus, oh it is Jesus, Oh it is Jesus in my soul, for I have touched the hymn of his garment and his love has made me whole.
Posted:  16 Dec 2009 09:57
I have an old LP with the following,
sung by a male, with the following lyrics:

I tried, all I could,
Seems like nothing, did me any good
Then I heard Jesus, he was passing by,
Then I decided, to give Him a try

Oh it is Jesus, yes it is Jesus
It is Jesus, in my soul
For I have touched, the, hem of his garment, and
His blood has, made me whole.
Posted:  26 Dec 2009 14:30
I googled "If I could just touch the hem of his garmet" and found this website.  The reason that I even went for the search is because I got the biggest blessing out of watching Chuck Compton (The Comptons) on youtube.com and wanted to learn the words so that maybe I can sing this song myself.  If you go to youtube and type Chuck Compton The Hem of His Garmet, I think you should be able to understand the words...I just wanted to double check I pray you get a blessing out of the song the way that I did.  I'm sure this video may also be on Godtube.com. 

I was almost ready to fall asleep on my job as I've been at work all night and was praying for God to let me make it just a few more hours and be able to drive home 45 mins away...I found this video, and I'm fed on Jesus!!! What a blessing.  I'm wide awake!!! God bless each of you!!!
Posted:  11 Feb 2010 18:15
I'm glad to see so many people enjoying the song,
"If I Could Just Touch the Hem of His Garment."
It was written my Glen Rice.  He was a pastor in Milfay, Ok
in the late forties.  He also pastored churches in Thayer, Mo
and Stroud, Ok.  He lived in Stroud, Ok when he died and
was buried at Stroud Cemetery.  His wife Ruby Rice was
also a minister.  They sang this song as a duet.  It was
beautiful.  The Rices were dear friends of my family before
I was born.   I am 60.  They sang this song at my
father's funeral and also at my mother's funeral.
I attended their church and have been blessed many
times when they sang this song.  God Bless You.
Posted:  24 Apr 2010 15:47
I heard this song sung by Carol and Jimmy Snow.  I believe that I still have the record someplace.  It was on a 33&1/3 record.
Posted:  25 Apr 2010 23:10
What a song to remember.
Posted:  14 May 2010 22:20
I love this song, I sometimes sing it in church, puts tears in my eyes..... And a smile of my face......
Posted:  16 May 2010 09:03
I Have on MP3 two versions of The Hem Of His Garment
The Saxon family use one version and the Villines Brothers use the other version.

The Hem Of His Garment - The Saxon Family

Hem Of His Garment - The Villines Brothers

email for the MP3
Posted:  06 Jun 2010 00:59
Posted:  15 Jun 2010 23:54
does anyone have the piano chords to this song?
Posted:  16 Jun 2010 02:24
I love this song I have not heard it in very long time it is one of my favorites
thanks for posting this song. One local pastor used to sing this song about every sunday. It has a lot of meaning to me
Posted:  18 Jun 2010 09:00
Glen Rice wrote this song.  He and his wife were ministers to a church I attended as a child.  I remember hearing them sing this song many times.  He played a guitar when they sang it.  It has been a song that has stayed with me for over 50 years and I know they would be happy to know how God has used these words to continue to bless people...
Posted:  26 Jun 2010 16:02
In our home group years ago, we would stand in a circle, holding hands and sing the chours over and over till the Holy Spirit moved. And one by one we would go down under the power of His Spirit. We would also sing ( I have just touched the hem of His garment, I have just touched a part of His Robe and now I am healed ,my sin all forgiven, for I have just touched Him and now I am whole.) The Holy Spirit moves in that song. Just begin to sing it to God over and over, and you will touch the Hem of His Garment.
Posted:  10 Jul 2010 01:12
Posted:  28 Aug 2010 22:32
The words you have posted here are for
the song "When Jesus Passed By"
The song at the top of the page - that chorus - is a totally different song.    I have the verses to "When Jesus Passed By" if you need them
Posted:  03 Sep 2010 01:23
I think all of you are wrong, actually. The song most likely sung to this woman was this one, made famous by the soul singer Sam Cooke:

Oh, there was a woman in the Bible days,
she had been sick, sick so very long
but she heard about Jesus was passing by,
so she joined the gathering throng
and while she was pushing her way through,
someone ask her: 'What are you trying to do?'

She said: 'if I could just touch the hem of His garment
I know I'll be made whole'

She cried: 'Oh Lord, Oh Lord and Oh Lord, Oh Lord'
Said : 'if I could just touch the hem of His garment
I know I'll be made whole'

Oh, She spent her money here and there
until she had no, had no more to spare,
the doctors, they'd done all they could
but their medicine would do no good.
When she touched Him The Saviour didn't see
but still He turned around and cried
'Somebody touched me'

She said: 'It was I who just wanna touch the hem of Your garment,
I know I'll be made whole right now'

She stood there crying: 'Oh Lord, Oh Lord and Oh Lord, Oh Lord'

Said: 'If I could just touch the hem of His garment,
I know I'll made whole right now'

Hope that helps. Be blessed.
Posted:  07 Nov 2010 21:45
does anyone know the chords that this song is played in? we sung it at my church and i recently changed churches and they don't have it and i really like the song and play guitar i just can't remember which chord we played it in. i think it was g but im not sure. any help would be appreciated.
Posted:  27 Jan 2011 21:36
Msbubrry (10/16/09) has the lyrics that are very close to the author's original.  The author of the song was Rev. Glen Rice from Stroud, OK.  He wrote the song back in the 1950's.  Rev. Glen Rice was a pastor in the Pentecostal Holiness Church for many many years.  He pastored at Thayer, MO and Stroud OK.  This song has been sung at many campmeetings and pentecostal services.  Somewhere in the late 80's the Spencer Family was looking to record it and contacted Bro. Rice, gave him the copyright, recorded it and had it printed in one of their songbooks.  The copy in the songbook is a tiny bit different than the way Bro. & Sis. Rice sang it.  Rev. Rice passed away in November 2004 at the age of 96 and is burried in Bristow cemetery.

Any questions, email me.  I knew the author personally for almost 40 years.  My email is jean.slease@yahoo.com.  Anyone that remembers Glen & Ruby Rice, please contact me.

Jean Slease
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 18:14
love to have guitar chords  thanks GOD BLESS YOU  SIGN LOVE JESUS 1
Posted:  25 Feb 2011 18:01
I am looking for the sheet music to the hem of his garments by the spencers.  i have googled and binged and still can't find it.  any ideas?

Posted:  17 Mar 2011 02:53
The Dry Branch Branch Fire Squad have this song on their CD "Memories That Bless and Burn."  Their version is slightly different from the lyrics posted here.  If you're never heard this group, check them out on YouTube.  And buy their CD's, too. They're my favorite bluegrass group.  I saw them at Merlefest In Wilkesboro, NC in 2003 and they're the best group that I have ever seen there.  I go every year all four days.  Louise A.
Posted:  18 Apr 2011 23:59
Barnabas was a Jew born in Cyrus. His name was Joses,
and due to his devotion to the cause of Jesus, the other apostles had given him the surname of Barnabas; this term is variously translated as "Son of Consolation" or "Son of Exhortation".
    He was a successful preacher with a magnetic personality. Any one tormented by the clash of creeds found solace and peace in his company. His eminence as a man who had been close to Jesus had made him a prominent member of the small
group of disciples in Jerusalem who had gathered together
after the disappearance of Jesus. They observed the Law of
the Prophets, which Jesus had come, "not to destroy but, to
fulfil" (Matthew 5:17). They continued to live as Jews and
practiced what Jesus had taught them. That Christianity could
ever be regarded as a new religion did not occur to any of
them. They were devout and practicing Jews distinguished from their neighbours only by their faith in the message of Jesus.  for the woman who couldn't find Barnabus in the Bible. This is the correct spelling of his name.
Thank you for this song i have a recording of me and my dad singing this song when I was a little girl and I was searching for all the words so I can sing it at church.. Thank you again.
Posted:  19 Jul 2011 21:26
My grandmother sang this song in church my entire life and my recollection is..." if i could just touch one part of his robe" not some part of his clothes.
Posted:  19 Jul 2011 23:53
If there's anyone that's wants the chords that I have for If I Could Just Touch I would be happy to send them to you. Just email me at msbubrry@bellsouth.net and I'll send them right away. God Bless!
Posted:  21 Jul 2011 06:33
I love the song Hem of His Garment Here is another song about the hem of his garment. This song is powerful.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-B7MBdqGRY&am ...
Posted:  21 Jul 2011 06:35
a Better video of same song
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7LyHDvcz3M&am ...
Posted:  22 Jul 2011 20:24
Here is a another video

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