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Posted:  10 Feb 2008 16:57
Haven't heard of this song, but a friend told me about it. some of you folks out there may know it though. Don't know if it is an old songor a new one. Thanks for any help or info about it!
Posted:  11 Feb 2008 03:39
It was recorded by the Kingsmen years ago. 

I. My life has been blessed in so many ways
With family and friends day after day
But I can't stay here soon I'll be gone
I just stopped by on my way home

Cho. I just (I just) stopped by (just stopped by)
On my (on my way) way home (my way home)
And I'm just (I'm just passing) passing thru (passing thru)
I can't stay (I can't stay) here long (here very long)
I must go (I must go to) meet my Jesus (meet my Jesus)
All around (all around) God's Throne (God's holy throne)
I just (i just) stopped by (just stopped by)
On my way home

II. My heart is set on that heavenly throne
And my mind is stayed on Jesus my Lord
Well it seems I can hear a heavenly song
I just stopped by on my way home
Posted:  11 Feb 2008 05:15
Thanks so much!!
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 14:58
I heard this song on King of Kings christian radio station as I was driving to work one morning. I've never shouted praises to my God, but that was the closest I've ever been to doing so. I was in such a down spirit that morning and that song lifted me up and put the spirit of God in my heart. How thankful I am that God saved my soul many years ago and I know that I have "Just stopped by on my way home."
Posted:  05 Jun 2013 06:00
does any one have the piano chords to song  I just stopped by on my way home   thank  you
Posted:  05 Jun 2013 18:21
If none has them at hand, you can purchase & download from here:
http://www.churchchoirmusic.com/afcommerce/ge ...
Posted:  12 Jun 2013 12:28
Has anyone else  ever purchased  with   "churchchoirmusic.com"?   I am having a problem  getting  in touch  with  them  about a purchase  I  made.   I ordered some music  from  them on Sunday  6-9-13  and I am  having a problem  with receiving  it.  I  have  called all their  numbers  they have  listed  and e-mailed  them.   Does anyone  have a suggestion.
Posted:  12 Jun 2013 15:47
I am sorry to hear you are having this problem.
I feel partly responsible in that I suggested them.

If he is not answering any calls or e-mail, I don't know if this will help
but here is another e-mail address for Mr. Clint Kerns that I found in
searching whois churchchoirmusic.com:

I will continue to help you solve this in any way I can.
Please keep us posted.
Posted:  14 Jun 2013 23:22
I  am  still looking for the piano chords  for the song  "I Just Stopped by on my way home.   Is  there anyone out there who has these or can tell me a good place get  or purchase   thanks for all help  God Bless You
Posted:  15 Jun 2013 09:34
To  Everyone  out  there.   Churchchoirmusic  has gotten  back  with  me  with an e-mail.   They  have given  me some  very  helpful information.   They  were  on vacation.  Soething  everybody  needs  time to time   God Bless You All
Posted:  15 Jun 2013 14:16
Hello again to everyone out there,   I HAVE  received  my music from churchchoirmusic.     I reccommend you using them.   They  were on vacation, however, they did get back with me and I have my music.   GOD BLESS  ALL
Posted:  15 Jun 2013 15:42
Thanks for the update.
It is relief to hear you
received the music !
  Blessings to you
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