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Posted:  03 Feb 2008 01:21
We want the Lyrics to That Soldier was Me
Posted:  09 Jun 2010 17:51
That Soldier Was Me

In a dream  I was there when they crucified Jesus

And in my dream I saw His great agony

And i ran to the man that was piercing his body

and when i pulled him away that soldier was me


Though only a dream (though only a dream)

I crucified Jesus

Twas my sins he bore (twas my sins he bore)

On Calvary's tree(on Calvary's tree)

When he prayed alone (when he prayed alone)

in Gethseane's garden(in the garden alone)

I believe he prayed(I believe he prayed)

that night for me (he prayed for me)

Simon Peter was there and his heart was so troubled

and many that jesus had touched by the way

they beheld their Lord bleeding and dying

And in the dream I could see that soldier was me


I belive he prayed( I believe he prayed)

That night for me

he prayed for me
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