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Posted:  29 Jan 2008 19:03
I need help!  I need the words to a song He Will Give You a Miracle cause Jesus is the Miracle man.   Thank you!!
Posted:  30 Jan 2008 01:12
I. Healing lepers that cried have pity on us
Giving sight to Bartimaeus lying there in the dust
A woman came to the well with a bucket you know
But she left with a river in her soul

II. Giving sight to the blind turning water to wine
All at His command
Giving life to Jarius' daughter He came walking on the water
Jesus is a miracle man

III. When heartache and pain are all around you
Troubled waters of life they almost drown you
Just reach up to that reaching down hand
Jesus is a miracle man

Cho. He'll give you a miracle
He'll give you a miracle
He'll give you a miracle
Jesus is a miracle man
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