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Posted:  22 Jan 2008 02:48
I would like ot know the writer of the song " I will talk to my father for you"

I have heard the Nelons sing this song and would also like to find the sheet music if anyone knows how I could do that.  Thanks for any help.
Posted:  23 Jan 2008 19:10
I have the words but not the sheet music.  Do you play by chord or read the music?  I have the chords that I had written down for myself if that would help.
Posted:  26 Feb 2011 04:09
I have searched everywhere for the music to  accompany a singer in the song, "I Will Talk to my Father for you" by Ronny Hinson.  I would settle for guitar chords.
Posted:  26 Feb 2011 19:34
I have the chords for I Will Talk To My Father and if anyone is interested in having them just email me at msbubrry@bellsouth.net and I would be thrilled to send them to you. God Bless!
Posted:  16 Jun 2011 17:54
Can someone e-mail me the sheet muic or chords for "I will talk to the Father" by the Nelons? teacup@tds.net
Posted:  17 Jun 2011 04:59
I'll Talk To The Father   written by Ronnie Hinson
Key of Eb   3/4 timing
__ If you've got a   problem,  I'd   sure like to   share;  There's
one special way I can show you I    care.  I could
offer opinions that   might prove un -  true; For the
only sure answer  here's what i will do.

I have never prayed  fire___   down from the sky,  but
God saw each tear that ever fell from these  eyes,  So if
you've got a mountain a - lone you can't  climb,______
     I'll take your burdens, and I'll make them mine.

I will  talk to the Faher for you_____  and if
I know my Father, here's what   He'll do,  He will
lay at your feet all the  things you pur-sue.  It's no
bother, for my Father will  do it for you.

God Bless!
Posted:  06 Oct 2011 23:58
can someone email me the sheet music or chords for "I will talk to my Father " by the nelons? poohbear72662@aol.com
Posted:  15 Jun 2013 04:01
email it to me too please  kennedds@juno.com
Posted:  22 Sep 2013 23:15
I'd be interested in chords for "I will talk to the father" as well....ellenbeth1981@yahoo.com
Posted:  15 Mar 2017 21:33
may I also have the sheet music / chords to "I will Talk to the Father"  cindy64@myactv.net
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