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Posted:  16 Jan 2008 23:17
I can't find them anywhere here's what i remember, the chorus

breathe on me, breathe on me
holy spirit breathe on me
take thou my heart
cleanse every part
Holy spirit breathe on me

Posted:  17 Jan 2008 02:57
Hi Emergebrad,

Here you go. Words by Edwin Hatch, Music by B.B. McKinney:

Holy Spirit, breathe on me,
until my heart is clean;
let sunshine fill its inmost part,
with not a cloud between.

Breathe on me, breathe on me
Holy Spirit, breathe on me;
Take Thou my heart, cleanse every part,
Holy Spirit breathe on me.

Holy Spirit, breathe on me,
my stubborn will subdue;
teach me in words of living flame
what Christ would have me do.

Holy Spirit, breathe on me,
fill me with pow'r divine;
kindle a flame of love and zeal
within this heart of mine.

Holy Spirit, breathe on me,
till I am all Thine own,
until my will is lost in Thine,
to live for Thee alone.

God bless!
Posted:  16 Feb 2010 16:21
Gentlemen, thanks so much for the words to "Breathe On Me".
Posted:  12 Apr 2011 12:20
Thank you so much for the words of this song. It's a Blessing!!!
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 11:25
Thank you so much for posting my favourite hymn
Posted:  26 Feb 2012 19:54
I would like to have the words to breathe on me with chords
Posted:  26 May 2012 07:27
Thank you so much for posting this hymn. It's really permeated through my soul. God Bless.
Posted:  12 Jul 2012 11:14
Thank you, Thank you Steve. I was happy to have found the words to this song.
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 00:07
Mr.Steve, I was so excited to find this site, I'm new at roaming around looking for words and music such as these old songs.  I play the organ at church, and need help wih chords for this song.  What key is it written in.

Can you help me, I would greatly appreciate it. email address:
Many thanks for your helpfulness.
Posted:  15 Jul 2013 20:34
Hi Trisha,

You're in luck--you can find both chords and sheet music here:

http://www.namethathymn.com/christian-hymns/b ...

God bless!
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