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Posted:  25 Mar 2014 22:29
The post of March 21, 2006 is more correct than anyone on here...
Posted:  02 Apr 2014 04:40
Does anyone know the Korean version or translate into Korean the son "Love Grew where the Blood fell" and the music only for this song?
Posted:  30 May 2014 06:22
Who wrote the song " Love Grew where the Blood fell"?
Posted:  30 Aug 2015 14:07
It was originally done by The Speers on the album "Cornerstone"
Posted:  18 Dec 2015 17:00
I am looking for the lyrics and chords for Everything's under control by John Stallings.. Would also like to hear it sung.
Posted:  13 Apr 2017 15:29
Thank you Steve. That ministered to me. Those words are BEAUTIFUL as it tells us of our Lord's love and beauty for us despite our sins and the ugliness of those sins. Are minds can't even comprehend the depth of love that it took for God to send his only son to die in a cruel cross in (my) our place. To him be ALL of the Glory. Some day soon we will live and reign with him and what a glorious day that will be. I can't wait. I'll see you in Heaven. God bless!
Posted:  19 Oct 2017 04:33
See my Jesus on the cross the people crying
Looking on a man would think it tragedy
But what this world could not see
Was when they nailed Him to that tree
His blood would break the chains of sin's captivity.  (NOT set men free )

Thorns of violence thorns of hate were growing wildly,
The destruction they had caused was plain to see
But when the blood came streaming down that cross
Where my Jesus bled and died
It started blossoms of forgiveness growing free!

Love grew where the blood fell
Flow'rs of  hope sprang up for men in misery
Sin died where the blood fell
I'm so glad his precious blood has covered me.
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 17:38
Posting as Guest way back on March 25, 2014, a person stated that ALL the posts had the wrong words. Perhaps the 2014 Guest. if they are still around, would be nice enough to post the 'correct' lyrics.
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