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Posted:  27 Nov 2007 01:25
Hymn contains:  "freely, freely give" and we believe it is an old song

Posted:  27 Nov 2007 21:31
I think the one you are looking for is Freely, Freely

God forgave my sin in Jesus' name.
I've been born again in Jesus' name
And in Jesus' name I come to you
To share his love as he told me to.

He said 'Freely, freely you have received;, freely, freely give.
Go in my name, and because you believe others will know that I live.

All pow'r is giv'n in Jesus' name
in earth and heav'n in jesus name
And in Jesus' name I come to you
To share his pow'r as he told me to.

He said 'Freely, freely you have received;, freely, freely give.
Go in my name, and because you believe others will know that I live.

God gives us life in Jesus' name
he lives in us in Jesus' name
And in Jesus' name I come to you
To share his peace as he told me to.
Posted:  12 Oct 2008 22:12
this is a great hymn, does anyone know where i can get the soundtrack online?
Posted:  04 Nov 2009 18:27
i love this song is great it really represents jesus and it tells us that jesus and god will forgive are sins
Posted:  31 Dec 2009 12:25
try to search Jummy Owens website for the soundtrack.
Posted:  27 May 2010 11:32
yeas tis song is great foe assemblys and others
Posted:  09 Aug 2010 14:35
this is a great hymn.. We sang it in church on 8-8-2010. It touches my heart what Jesus did for us.  We should go out and let others know about his grace and love for us.
Posted:  02 Feb 2011 12:43

Posted:  20 Mar 2011 22:31
I sang this ong today-first time in about 30 years! Really refreshed me, touched my heart, feel like crying for joy and gratitude -is there a CD with it on or is it going to be lost in the archives?
Posted:  10 Jun 2012 06:55
You can find it several places on You Tube
Posted:  01 Sep 2012 05:32
soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  17 Feb 2013 19:32
Love it
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 11:40
is this and Advent of Lent hymn in the catholic church?
Posted:  13 Mar 2013 02:22
Where can I get the sheet music for this?
Posted:  26 May 2013 19:21
I have a handwritten lead sheet that I wrote out 20 years ago. I don't know where I got it - I may have transcribed it so I could teach to the group of singer I had at the time. It is the lyrics, melody and chords. If you would like a copy, you can e-mail me at asaydf@gmx.com
Posted:  26 May 2013 19:27
I should have looked in my old Methodist hymnal before I made the last post: it's #389.
Posted:  06 Jul 2013 03:43
This song is featured in 'Come Together', A Musical Experience in Love, by Jimmy and Carol Owens.  Lexicon Music, Inc.  Distributed by Word, Inc.  There is an LP of the same name, featuring Pat Boone, 1974.  On the Light Label, LSX 7006.  (A division of WORD (UK) Ltd., London.)  Still available on Amazon.  Lyrics & music book at Abe Books.

I had the priviledge of being part of `Come Together` in the 70s in the UK.  Wonderful songs.

The follow-up album is called `If My People......`, again featuring Pat Boone and by Light Records.  LS-5657 stereo.
Posted:  10 Dec 2013 22:13
I really love this hymn
Posted:  03 Aug 2014 19:26
I first heard it being sung by the Super classically singing voices of Charles and Paula Slagle now in a teaching ministry- I first heard them in PTL Tammy and Jim Bakker in 1977 I believe here is the history of the song:
Author: Carol Owens
Owens, Carol Sue. (El Reno, Oklahoma, October 30, 1931-- ). Foursquare. Attended San Jose State College, San Jose, California; Cathedral School of the Bible, Oakland, Calif. With her husband James (Jimmy), she composed Christian musicals.
Posted:  02 Nov 2014 17:55
I used to sing this in the RLDS (Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints) church I went to as a kid. I don't know why but this song has stuck with me through the years.
Posted:  19 Mar 2015 01:47
Posted:  19 Mar 2015 04:24
The hymn, "Where He Leads Me (I will follow)" is in, or used to be in, a lot of hymnals. The Southern Baptist's "Broadman Hymnal" and several later editions all had it.

Here's a link to Cyber Hymnal dot org, where you can view the lyrics and listen to a MIDI score.


They _may_ have a feature where you can get the score for the song, but I don't know.

I pray the Lord's blessings on your efforts! Especially with the Easter season, songs like "I Can Hear My Savior Calling" have a tone very applicable to "passion week" and Easter itself. Think of what our Lord did for us--oh, how we need truly to hear Him calling to us.
Posted:  27 Nov 2015 15:34
If everyone only knew the power in JESUS' name...Thank you for giving me the words to sing this beautiful song.
Posted:  18 Jan 2016 18:50
i started a KIVA team named Freely, freely based on the old hymn in methodist hymnal #389 but  am on vacation this month and want to find words and music for it.  Can anyone help me?  lynn
Posted:  05 Jun 2016 23:19
I was privileged back in the early 70's  to sing in this musical (Come Together) when it was performed at Angelus Temple.  The Second Chapter of Acts provided the music.  Pat Boone sang the solo on this song,  This song was in the key of F any good piano player should be able to work it out.
Posted:  21 Feb 2017 13:15
I was a teenager when I heard this beautiful Christian tune at church
I remember becoming so emotional the second this tune played that I immediately broke down and wept.
these tears I shed that first night were not of hate, but rather tears of repentance and love for our dear lord Jesus Christ
I thank Carol Owens from the bottom of my heart for writing such a beautiful piece of christian music
Posted:  13 Aug 2017 16:21
I remember singing this with my mom in church...
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