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Posted:  19 Nov 2007 17:51
Posted:  19 Nov 2007 19:17
Jack Campbell wrote the words and music

I've been on my way to heaven for a long long time
and many things have happened that's clouded up my mind
but I am more determined to walk the narrow way
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday

I've been through the lonesome valley, I've climbed the highest hill
I know the joy of being in the center of God's will
I've watched the angels come and take my loved ones home to stay
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday

There's a golden street to walk upon
a bell I'm gonna ring
A brand new angel in the choir
I want-a hear her sing
There'll be a lot of friends a-waitin'
When I walk through the gate
I've got more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday
Posted:  01 Jun 2012 16:18
Thank you. I sang this song when I was younger. I woke up this morning with it going thru my head. Still gives me goose bumps.
Posted:  27 May 2013 04:07
Everyone at church really likes this song.
Posted:  30 Nov 2013 16:44
Thank u.  I have also had this song on my mind.
Posted:  20 May 2014 16:42
if i could just figure out the chords i'd be ok love this song.
Posted:  26 Sep 2014 04:39
its  wonderful song and the words are true I got a lot to go for most of all god I got to see my father jesus Christ
Posted:  21 Dec 2014 05:10
The Inspirations sang this song and you're right, it's a great one.
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