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Posted:  07 Nov 2007 01:59
Heard this on the radio not sure how it goes..............................
Posted:  15 Mar 2008 04:10
im just warming  o im just warming up im just warming up fir that meeting in the sky  so if you think im strange don't wait for me to change im just warming up for that meeting in the sky
Posted:  17 Mar 2008 20:05
I'm Just Warming Up

VS : 1
I went to visit a church, and it was as quiet as it could be. There was no body praising the Lord, no body but me. You know I little emotional, yea I kinda felt out of place. Cause when I go to church, I don't just go to take up space.

I'm just warming up! I'm just warming up! I'm just warming up! For that meeting in the sky. So if you think I'm a little strange, don't you sit around and wait for me to change! I'm ust waming up for that meeting sky!

VS: 2
When I reach those pearly gates, and they swing open wide, I'm gonna leap for joy, cause I've reached the other side. All my pain and sorrow, up there I will forget, and if you think I shout down here, well you aint seen nothing yet!

Repeat CHO

I hope this is what you're looking for. I also hope I got it all right.
Posted:  04 Mar 2013 09:45
That's it! Great song. Thanks :-)
Posted:  19 Sep 2016 05:08
I'm Just Warmin Up
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