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Posted:  30 Oct 2007 20:21
have you heard this song? "Walang Hanggang Sasambahin"...those from Philippines, please help find the lyric the tell me what it means...many thanks & God bless. sherryediwin@yahoo.com
Posted:  31 Oct 2007 05:37
Hi oyocher,

I actually don't know a word of Tagalog, but I was able to find this with help from Google

Now, can someone from the Philippines help translate it?

God bless!

Walang Hanggang Sasambahin (Faithmusic Manila)

            A           Bm                          D     E         A   
Nais kong Ika’y maranasan  Pagkilos Mo’y aking inaasam

     F#m                           B                D                       E
Pagkat sa Iyo ko lang natagpuan Ang tunay na kagalakan

           A                    Bm                         D     E              A   
Nais kong Ika’y maranasan Tibok ng puso ko’y Ikaw lamang

      F#m                               B                D                      E
Kaya’t ngayon, bukas at kailanman Pagsamaba ko’y iaalay

               D                              E/D                      C#m    C#/F  F#m
Walang hanggan Kitang pupurihin Walang hanggang Sasambahin

          Bm    A/C#  C#/F   F#m
Buong laman ng puso kong ito

D                         E   (A)
Ang mamalagi sa Iyo
Posted:  31 Oct 2007 21:02
many thanks steve...now, those who understand Tagalog please help me...
Posted:  06 Apr 2008 15:48
Hi, This is grace... I'm currently searching for the lyrics of this song..
this is what is meant by the song:

I want to feel your presence
& I am longing for your touch
Because ini you,  I found the real happiness (or joy)
I  want to feel your presence
& my heart beats only for you
& now (today), tomorrow, and forever I'll worship you

I will worship you forever, I will praise you forever
My heart's desire
is to be with you...

God bless...
Posted:  25 Aug 2008 11:49

Posted:  27 Aug 2008 19:12
THANX FOR D LYRICS....CIAO N GODBLESS..........guitarz_jr28
Posted:  31 Aug 2008 11:57
hi bros and sisters in Christ... im currently searching for a mp3 of the song "remember me" by martin nystrom.. i really love the song but til now i cant find a mp3 for it.. please help me..

you can contact me on my forum site: http://kattyboo.at.ua

God bless you all,
Posted:  10 Jan 2009 03:34
Thanks ..Frm kenneth
Posted:  26 Apr 2009 10:34
im so bless in this song
Posted:  10 Jun 2010 07:46
hi. this eunice,thanks for the lyrics,at last i can sing this song as it plays on the christian radio station,702 dzas..God bless.
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 16:03
Ganda ng song .....
Posted:  14 Mar 2012 23:01
i like that song. i speak tagalog but i live in the states. it's deep but i could feel the meaning of the song by how the tune went. it's about daniel's deep love for katerina, undying love.

maybe not word for word but i got the bottom line of what the song was about.
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