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Posted:  24 Oct 2007 17:19
Starts "Upon our journey here below..."  Also "Sometimes there is a heavy cross...."  and the chorus may begin with "When we've been there ten thousand years..."
Posted:  26 Oct 2007 20:46
My friend, in her late 60s, says this was her mother's favorite song, and it may have been in an old Stamps-Baxter Hymnal, but I don't have one any more.
Posted:  05 Nov 2007 18:01
I believe I have accurately recalled the first verse and chorus to "Homecoming Week". I could sing you the tune but otherwise I'm not musical. I always heard an old farmer sing it acapella at the church where I grew up. He'd get excited and jump around. Gosh I miss him. I was thinking about this song yesterday and Googled it and found your post. I might be able to finish another verse from memory if someone gets me started. 

Upon our journey here below we meet with pain and loss
Sometimes it is a crown of thorns, sometimes a heavy cross
The dreary road to Calvary, the bitter goad and sting
But once inside those gates of pearl, will be worth everything

When we're inside the gates of pearl
We'll learn a lot of things
We'll have a harp that's made of gold, perhaps a thousand strings
We'll sing and shout and dance about. The lamb will dry our tears.
We'll have a grand Homecoming Week the first ten thousand years
Posted:  06 Nov 2007 17:38
The information I have says this is from the Believer's Song Book. . . The same gentleman who wrote this song also wrote "Deeper than the Stain has Gone."    I'm trying to find the words to that song also.  I'll also think of his name and come back and insert it here. 

Here is the song ... all 3 verses 


Upon our journey here below we meet with pain and loss;
Sometimes there is a crown of thorns,
    sometimes the heavy cross.
The dreary road to Calvary, the bitter goad and     sting,
But what’s inside those gates of pearl will be worth everything.

When we’re inside the gates of pearl,
We’ll learn a lot of things,
We’ll have a harp that’s made of gold,
Perhaps a thousand strings;
We’ll sing and shout and dance about,
The Lamb will dry our tears;
We’ll have a grand homecoming week,
The first ten thousand years.

The shadows now begin to fall, the time is drawing nigh,
When Christ our Lord shall come again like lightning from the sky.
And while we wait and suffer here, praise God, we’ll shout and sing,
For one glimpse through those gates of pearl will be worth everything.

The precious blood of God’s own Son has saved  and sanctified
A wondrous people for His name and they are     called the Bride.
Though here neglected and despised, one day the Lord will bring
His chosen ones within the gates, and that’s worth everything.

dr. matthews
Posted:  06 Nov 2007 18:58
Dr. Raymond Browning wrote the song.  He was a DS in the Church of the Nazarene in North Carolina.  He also traveled as an evangelist.  You can get the music from:


N.B. Raymnd Browning and Adger Pace wrote "Praise the Lord I've been invited to a meeting in the air... JUBILEE"   Super quartet song that you hear even today.   I really love OLD TIME GOSPEL music that has a wonderful message.  Lillenas has a wonderful SONGFINDER and it will help you locate music.

I'd love to hear from others

My name is Alan Matthews PhD
Posted:  12 Jan 2011 00:19
There is a recording of this song on the album "Flowers in the Wildwood - Women In Early Country Music 1923-1939".
http://www.venerablemusic.com/catalog/TitleDe ...

it's not available there, but you can get it on amazon, at least.
Posted:  18 Mar 2011 03:28
The Homecoming Week was written in 1939 by Raymond Browning/Adger Pace and was originally sung by the Vaughn Quartet from Lawrenceburg TN.  The first time the song was performed was at the Nazarene Camp Meeting in Ohio in 1939.  My father was there and told me about it many times.  He said there were about 1000 people on their feet shouting--a typical response for Nazarenes of that day.
Posted:  22 Mar 2011 03:12
First, I love the lovely memories that this song evokes.  I've never seen this posting before.

In addition, I think that the Nazarene Camp sounds wonderful; however, I'm stunned that Browning and Pace are credited with writing this song!

The Leatherman Sisters are the original writers of this song.  I know this for a fact because Lucille Leatherman was my grandmother and Lillian Leatherman was my great aunt.  They wrote and recorded this song along with 3 others that they recorded with Bluebird Records in 1936.  Bluebird was a subsidiary of RCA Records, and these songs all came out shortly thereafter on 78's.  From the recognition that they received from this song and another song my grandmother wrote and recorded entitled "Curly-Headed Baby", they received a contract to be in several movies with Gene Autry.  They were in "The Yodelin' Kid from Piney Ridge" with him in 1938.  They had an eight picture contract.  Unfortunately, family obligations forced them to return to NC after the first film.

Finally, I have the hand-written copy of the song that they took with them to the studio to record this song.  I'm really disheartened that someone else is taking credit for this song when they were the original songwriters.
Posted:  01 Jun 2011 16:03
Who administers publishing for Curly Headed Baby?
Posted:  06 Dec 2011 07:51
i love this song as a kid, now its still my favorit
Posted:  11 Feb 2012 21:40
The Blackwood Brothers also recorded this song.  One of my favorites from my childhood.  It was also a favorite of my Faher's, who has been singing in the Heavenly Choir since 1998.  I can't wait to see him again in Heaven.
Posted:  24 Mar 2013 14:51
Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters recorded it too :-)
Posted:  24 Aug 2013 22:03
Thank you for all your posts.  I have been trying to find the song for my 94 year old mother who wants it sung at her funeral. Raymond Browning , I believe married her and my father in Columbus, Ohio.  They were both Nazarenes.
I would love to have the music for this if anyone can help me.
My Son also attended Trevecca  in Nashville, and is now the Worship Pastor in West Palm Beach Florida.
If anyone has the music, I would love to get it.
Posted:  17 Mar 2014 18:15
I checked Www.Lillenas.com and cannot find the music for "Homecoming Week". Con anyone tell me where else to look. I have been all over the internet trying to find it.

Thank you.
Posted:  27 Jul 2015 20:56
SIR:  Please leave an email address and I will mail the song to you . . Or I can send it to your home address via US Post Office.

Here is an easy way to find the song:   Enter the following exactly into GOOGLE and it will be in the first 1 to 3 links

"The Home-Coming Week"  song Browning

Just enter the above in GOOGLE.  It will take you to the song in
www.hymnary.org   and you will need to SCROLL DOWN the page
and you will see a yellow copy of the song and the words.

Browning wrote the words   Adgar Pace wrote the music

dr. alan matthews

615 445 9580 <--- I will be happy to help you further

P.S. I sang this song at my mother's funeral several
years ago.  The Nazarenes and Gaithers have left
us with some beautiful music!
Posted:  31 Jan 2016 00:45
You must hear The Happy Goodmans sing Homecoming Week to really appreciate this song. Check out on You-Tube.
Posted:  17 Jan 2017 01:50
If anyone still wants this song you can find it at Hymnary.org. I found it today and printed it off on my PC
Posted:  18 May 2017 14:08
This has been such an interesting thread to read!  In going through my mother's personal effects May 15, 2017, I found a scribbled copy of the words to this song.  Mother died at 92 (two weeks shy of 93) on January 13, 2016.  I am so happy to be able to find a source to access this song and print a copy.  I noticed the reference to Lawrenceburg, TN, and I think she had ties to that area.  She was born in Leoma, TN.  What a heritage to be able to reference these beautiful songs of faith many of which I feel are probably forgotten.  It was like Mother speaking to me to find her handwritten copy!
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