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Posted:  20 Oct 2007 04:26
Please Help
Posted:  20 Oct 2007 16:01   Last Edited By: Mancunian
Hi Sunset - Today must be your lucky day!

Found Karen's MyPage site where you can hear the song AND download it if you want, read the lyrics etc to this and other songs.

Here's the link ....

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti ...

And here's the lyrics. Sadly the link from above for the lyrics didn't work so I downloaded the song and wrote them out for you by hand. Hope all my efforts bring you joy and happiness today.

It's been one of those days
If anything could go wrong it went wrong
I know I'm feeling sorry for me
There's a lot of self-pity going on
Tomorrow I will be okay
The dawn will bring a brand new day
I'm sure by then I'll be fine
Lord today I really need a friend
I know that you would understand
Would you hold me while I cry

I take a lot of your time
When I should be strong
I should be standing by now when it's you I'm leaning on
You've always kept me safe from harm, like a child in your arms
You've cradled me through hardships faced in life
Lord it's just one of those days I've been fobbed in every way
Will you hold me while I cry?

I try to be strong but if anyone can fall apart, I fall apart
I run back to you again and you heal my broken heart
You have truly been a friend, reaching out to lend a hand
Lord when you could have passed me by
I'm asking for your strength today
Lift my spirit Lord I pray
Will you just hold me while I cry

I take a lot of your time when I should be strong
I should be standing by now when it's you I'm leaning on
You've always kept me safe from harm like a child in your arms
You've cradled me through hardships faced in life
Lord it's just one of those days
I've been fobbed in every way
Will you hold me while I cry

You've always kept me safe from harm
Like a child in your arms
You've cradled me though hardships faced in life
Lord it's just one of those days
I've been fobbed in every way
Would you hold me while I cry?

Ooooh, oooh, oooh.

What a beautiful song I have to say. I didn't know it nor heard it until today but while writing out the lyrics and listening to it over again, it's really grown on me. Thank you for sharing.

Take care
Posted:  21 Oct 2007 18:38
Thank you so much ,May God Bless And Keep You.
Posted:  29 Oct 2007 03:13
thank you thay did
Posted:  29 Mar 2008 00:51
god bless you for such a touching song my sister. carry on with your song writing 4 it means a lot to weak people like me
Posted:  05 Apr 2008 06:40
I absolutely love this song! Thank you Karen Peck & New River for such a beautiful recording...very powerful as well. God bless
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 05:27
Thank you Karen Peck and New River, I can't remember the last time a song touched me like "Will you hold me" did. God Bless you and keep using you to spread his word through your songs. Absolutely a powerful song.
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 06:16
Thank you for a truly touching song, we all need to be held every once in a while especially by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted:  28 Apr 2008 06:43
this song is flat out one of my more favorite southern gospel songs!!!
i mean lets be real with each other, we all go through MANY times like this song talks about....days where we are just gloom and doom, but then Jesus just comes along does only what he can!!!
just an awesome song!!!!

if you guys liked this song in the least little bit, you all should check out "from the depths of my heart" by the Isaacs!!!
that's another good one!!

very few songs have such an impact on me, to where i'll tear up, if not cry, but these two does it to me!!!
Posted:  02 May 2008 16:00
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to writing these words and keying them.   God Bless you and yours.
Posted:  02 Jul 2008 11:54
I so needed this right now... Its just been "one of those days" today. Thanks so much for the effort of writing out the lyrics.
Posted:  10 Aug 2008 16:01
The lyrics are very encouraging.Thanks!
Posted:  15 Aug 2008 20:55
This song is so good.  It makes so much sense.

We've all seen sunny days and stormy days with our eyes AND in our lives ~ still knowing we're in the hands of the one who made everything.

... yeah, some things don't make sense sometimes and some good things come and go like a flash of lightning and just remembering that he said, "All things works together for good to them that love the Lord", brings me hope.  He is mighty!  He is in control all the time... We all need to cry once in a while... and God just knows when to just hold me while I cry.

"deeply~truly~madly lOvE"

Arviat, Nunavut, Canada
Posted:  28 Aug 2008 20:55
Posted:  07 Sep 2008 00:00
Oh my!! The words to this song is so awesome!! Every thing that is says is completely true! I love it to death! Thanks so much!! Lenny S.
Posted:  07 Sep 2008 18:23
You're all very welcome. It was a joy and a pleasure to do this and to know it brought happiness to you all was worth its weight in gold. It's not every day I get appreciated or thanked but when it happens, life feels all the more worthwhile once again.

take care everyone and who knows, might catch you in one of the other forum areas sometime.

Nick (Manchester UK)
Posted:  10 Sep 2008 06:51
Shouldn't it be 'Lord, it's just one of those day, I've been FOUGHT in every way'? Because that was what was in the subtitle in the Campfire Homecoming. I love this so too... The moment I listened to it, I just knew that it suits me. Thanks for the post.
Posted:  05 Dec 2008 21:08
hey i love this song sis.rebbeca poole sings this in church love you karren god blesse you im 10 years old  and my name is johnna
Posted:  14 Jan 2009 18:12
i love this song, it has helped my family out a lot with dealing with my uncle's deaths, and it's such a beautiful song too =]
Posted:  03 Feb 2009 00:36
Thank you Ms. Karen Peck for such perfect enunciation that ESL people like my wife and I could understand your singing, and surely were very moved by the whole music with your group's excellent harmony while watching the homecoming together.

And I agree, it sounds like "I have been FOUGHT in every way" to me, too.

Posted:  09 Feb 2009 16:41
This song was just sung at our church Feb 8 2009.  i had to wait til i got to work so i could get the lyrics.  A truly beautiful song.  There isnt a person that  cant relate.  Thanks for the beautiful words.,
Posted:  12 Apr 2009 02:50

A song that moves me till i cried.
Posted:  10 Jun 2009 15:42
I love this song. It really just touches my heart in so many ways to hear this song playing and being sung. This song lefts me up when i am down. So i thank you for making such a wonderful and touching song. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Posted:  18 Sep 2009 07:47
Thank you Karen Peck & New River,

I just listened to your song for the first time tonight as I was watching Bill Gaither.

I lost my wife of 31 years last year. She passed away from staph infection she got from 4 units of blood the rehab hospital gave her in Tampa, Florida. I live in Kissimmee.

I am having an unbelievable hard time coping with her loss. She definitely is in heaven and waiting for me at the south gate, she said in our anniversary card last year.

I am saved and have been for years, but sometimes it seems almost unbearable without her. When you get married, you are supposed to become "one". We did and half of my heart left when she passed.

Tonight as I listened to you sing that song, I listened to the words and just balled. Comfort came when Jesus put His arms around me. Every once in a while, I ask God to pick up my wife Debbie, my infant granddaughter, Faith and my son, Ron Jr. and give them big hugs and tell them how much my granddaughter, Patience, (Faith's identical twin) and I love them and miss them and to remind them of how much you, God, love them.

Thank you for touching my heart, not only by the words, but by the way you sang it with that loving emotion.

God bless you,

Ron and Patience
Posted:  10 Dec 2009 02:10
That song has always been special to me. As a mother of three young children, there is always something going on. At times I feel completely overwelmed by the circumstances. I feel like that song was written for me.
Posted:  21 Mar 2010 23:47
This song has been helping me through a very difficult time.  I have been replaying it for a few days now... but I believe tomorrow I will be okay. Thank you Lord
Posted:  15 Apr 2010 14:25
thanks nick for taking the time to write the lyrics of this song. I was look for them to, and found where you took time out of you day to write them down. God Bless you for that .
Posted:  29 Apr 2010 19:08
I am 15, and this is my most favorite song. i can never get this song out of head. The words to this song just help me get through my day when im down or mad!
It makes me say to myself, everything gonna be okay, just hold on and keep ypur head lifted high!
Posted:  21 Jul 2010 02:20
does anyone know the chords to this song please?
Posted:  21 Jul 2010 02:22
sorry, the song that you guys are talkihng about above "hold me while i cry" i want to know the guitar and piano chords to it or either one.
God bless.
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