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Posted:  02 Oct 2007 03:33
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Posted:  05 Oct 2007 01:37
He molded and built a small lonely hill
That He knew would be called Calvary
Then he made the seed that would grow to be
Thors that would make His Son bleed
Then He made a green stem, gave it leaves and then
Gave it sunshine, and rain, and sheltered it with moss
And He grew the tree, that He knew would be
Used to make the old rugged cross

CH) And nothing took His life
With great love He gave it
And He was crucified on a tree that He created
With great love for man
God stayed with His plan
And He grew the tree so that we might go free

With tears in His eyes, God looked down throug time
Saw His spat upon, rejected, and mocked
Still He grew the tree that He knew would be
Used to make the Old Rugged Cross

Repeat CH.
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 17:02
"He Grew the Tree" in one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Thank you for posting the lyrics.
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