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Posted:  30 Sep 2007 22:24
I need to know where to find the piano music to this song.
Posted:  01 Oct 2007 18:32
Check with your music store. "Christ Is Not A Disappointment" it is in the book
"Songs Everybody Loves, Volume 2."
If you still have trouble, contact me at rsnyder65@excite.com
Posted:  24 Jan 2013 14:59
Yesterday, an old old song came to my mind.  What are all the words, I am asking myself.  Yes, it might be on the internet.  That's when I found someone else who had remembered the song, Christ is Not a Disappointment.  Thanks to you and a few others.  Good words for the day!
Posted:  26 Jan 2013 19:30
Here are the lyrics, in case anyone is looking for them

I have found no satisfaction in the fleeting joys of earth
I had hewn me broken cisterns that had mocked me by their dearth
All the springs my soul had tested failed to meet my deepest need
Christ, alone, has met my longing, He has satisfied indeed!

Christ is not a disappointment! Every longing in my breast
Finds, in Him, complete fulfillment, He has brought me into rest
I have tested Him, and proved Him more than all I dreamed He'd be
Christ is not a disappointment, He is all in all to me!

I was tempted not to trust Him for so many things had failed
But so patiently He waited and His tenderness prevailed
So, I swung my heart's door open, and His promises I tried
Christ is not a disappointment, He has fully satisfied!

I had tried the world for pleasure, but it could not satisfy.
Though it promised much, it failed me. All its wells and springs were dry...
Everything I tried was empty, and I thought my life was vain,
Then, He came and tuned my heartstrings,
And I learned to sing again.

Here's a link on Amazon to the book that Guest referred to above:

Songs Everybody Loves (Volume 2)http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003B9IQ0I

Posted:  12 Sep 2013 12:27
It is such a blessing to get the lyrics for this old song.  I sang it years ago and have been thinking about it recently but couldn't find my words. God bless.
Posted:  22 Feb 2015 01:31
Thank you  for posting the lyrics to this great song!
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