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Posted:  15 Jul 2005 04:02
chorus: and the spirit and the bride say come,
And let him that heareth say come
and let him that is athirst come
and let whosoever will come.

verse:and the gates of that great city
new jerusalem above
shall be opened to the righteous
those perfected in gods love
multitudes of ........

can't remember the rest

any ideas anyone?
Posted:  14 Oct 2009 14:13
I don't know this song, but I need the words too if anyone has them!
Posted:  15 Oct 2009 14:30
Shut up Sue.
Posted:  30 Oct 2017 09:31
Multitudes of tongues and kindreds, Dressed in robes of purest white
Singing praises to the saviour prince of peace the souls delight.

Twelve years later, but better late than never! Ha.
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