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Posted:  01 Nov 2007 00:52
could you please help me find this song........ precious jesus, sweet rose of sharon,
Posted:  22 Nov 2007 03:37
there is a woman named darlene.... who sings precious jesus.  can someone tell me what's the cd name so that I can buy it
Posted:  24 Jan 2008 13:45
Can anyone please post lyrics of the hymn,

I have called you by your name,
in my palms have engraved you
you are mine
i have all forsake you
you are precious and I love you

Thanks and regards
Posted:  24 Jan 2008 20:05
Google it!! You can find most anything in the Google search engines. Just ask your computer like you have here, adding the lyrics. I'm sure it will find what you're looking for.
Posted:  29 Aug 2008 03:00
I love this song. It like a promise to God that your are going to be devote in him giving him all the glory and praise.
Posted:  05 Oct 2008 05:27
I am adding this because in this year 2008 in October. I have found this sound to be precious to me. I heard the version Melonie Daniels does and it is great. Of course, whatever she does is spectacular.  I also found the orignal and I see it was done with a choir. God Bless!!
Posted:  07 Oct 2008 02:23
Who is refreshing as an ocean in the desert, as lovely as a flower in the snow?  And who is as watchful as an eagle oe'r her young ones, as gentle as the summer breeze that blows?

Precious Jesus, Sweet Rose of Sharon.  There's peace and triumph when you speak his name.  Loving Saviour, my sunshine in the midnight, my guiding star that shineth all the day.

Who is the one who understands my burdens, he helps me smile and hum a happy melody?  A liberated soul cannot sing about being bound for long without  looking back and realizing who set free.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He's the Son of God, the Great I am to me.  Light in the darkness, He's the Well of Living Water.  He's the bread of Life, the greatest Friend to me.

Here's a link to a youth choir singing it:
Posted:  16 Dec 2008 16:15
I am looking for the Lyrics for the Precious Jesus song that Allan Jackson sings on his precious memories CD.  Any help would be appreciated.
Posted:  03 Apr 2009 05:30
we sing the one that tsyork posted i LOVE it
Posted:  13 May 2009 04:50
Everytime I hear this song I cry in church, it is very powerful and moving and really touches my heart.  I tried singing to a friend and  could not remember the words and came on this site, thank you so much for posting it

Brooklyn, New York
Posted:  14 Oct 2009 08:10
Im lookin for the name of a hymn that has a lyric in it, "let me hide my self in the cleft if the rock". It's not Rock of Ages.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 13:02
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Posted:  07 Sep 2010 06:04
Thanks Steve, I sing this song with my Choir and Praise Team and I didnt know that it says "Now I lift how my voice with your grace."  I always said, "How, I lift high my voice with your praise."   Well the saints entered in to worship even off those words, but I thank God that I can sing the right words now!  lol   

Thanks again,
Dion C.   St. Louis.
Posted:  11 Apr 2011 08:34
Can you please help me find the words for this song. I have written the 1st verse with the chorus but I need the words for the 2nd verse. Would appreciate if you could help.
Thank you and God bless.
Patty Rose.

I made a lot of friends in my life time
and i come to appreciate them all
but i have a friend that's closer than a brother
he's my best friend, He's the precious son of God.
Ch: His name id Jesus (2)
       What a privilege to know the son of God
       He walks beside me, he lives inside of me
       He's my best friend, he's the precious son of God
Posted:  19 Jan 2014 05:08
Thank you for posting these lyrics Steve!
Posted:  15 Jun 2014 17:06
Looking for this song, I believe was sung by a couple or a duo; not really sure. Quite an old song set in Big Band style; released in the 90's.
'Jesus, (*Jesus) you are so precious, you are so precious to me....'
Posted:  31 May 2016 05:23
What scripture is this song based on?
Posted:  31 May 2016 21:43
What scripture is this song based on?
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