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Posted:  13 Feb 2006 03:19
part of it is "I am persuaded, Lord to love you, I have been changed........., I am constrained by this great gospel, Forever to worship you.
Posted:  14 Feb 2006 01:13
Here you go. The hymn is "Precious Jesus" by Thomas Whitfield:

Precious Jesus, how I love you
Now I lift high my voice with your praise
Holy Spirit, I implore Thee
Drench my heart as my lips part your grace;

I am persuaded Lord to love you
I have been changed to bless Your Name
I am constrained by this great gospel
Forever to worship Thee

God bless,
Posted:  10 Jun 2006 03:26
Hi! Steve
I got Cleanse my heart as my lips sing Your praise, but I think its drench my heart as my lips sing your praise.

Thank You!
You were a big help.  I needed the person name that sing the song.

Please continue to have a Blessed Day in Christ Jesus!
Posted:  10 Jun 2006 04:11
Hi! Steve,
Its me again you were right the whole song is correct I just listen to the song and it does say, drench my heart as my lips part Your Praise. It does say Praise at the end.

Thanks! Again!
Please continue to have a Blessed Day in Christ Jesus!
Posted:  28 Jul 2006 19:21
I want to sing this for Praise and Worship at my church, and I came online to do a search on the lyrics. 

Thank you so much for being God's instrument.  God bless you with the desires of your heart!
Posted:  16 Aug 2006 13:54
Thanks for posting the lyrics. I heard this song on t.v. one morning and it has been on my mind off and on since then. I didnt know the words until now!

Be blessed,

Posted:  30 Aug 2006 16:20
Thank you so much....This song keeps arising in my spirit and I've heard it on several occassions, but only known the lyrics in bits and pieces.  This is absolutely wonderful; now I can sing it on Sunday!  Thanks and may God forever bless you!

Elder Calvin J. Lynch
Charlotte, NC
Posted:  01 Sep 2006 01:15
I am so very happy and feel so very blessed to have been directed here. this song has been in my spirit and i wanted to sing this and did not know where to find it.  God Bless You!
Posted:  01 Sep 2006 03:46
Hallelujah praise his holy name searching for a song by Karen Clark Sheard i stumbled upon this site what a blessing but does any one know a song that says Lord we love you we bless your name by her?

MInister Otis Emerson- Love
Denver, Co
Posted:  10 Sep 2006 14:39
don't think thomas whitfield wrote the lyrics to this
although he does a wonderful version of this.
the verse in question is
"drench my heart as my lip PARSE your praise" parse is to indetify the parts of sentence, to analyse the componets of words or sentences.

be blessed
sam b
Posted:  02 Oct 2006 17:11
For all you Thomas Whitfiled company fans, there 30th reunion will take pace April 28, 2007 in Detroit MI
Posted:  02 Nov 2006 03:16
Well...it is clear that this song ministers to the body of Christ. I heard it this past Sunday and have been worshipping him with it all week. I was trying to find a recording of it and found these posts. Thank you all and may Our Father richly bless you.

Francine O
Posted:  20 Dec 2006 04:18
I have heard this song in church a lot,I've been singing it in my heart for the longest time.  All I knew was "I am persuaded Lord to love You, Forever to worship thee". I searched and found it, thanks.
God Bless You much!
Minister A.P. Allen
Posted:  27 Jan 2007 02:54
Hi Steve:
Thanks for the song, I am persuaded. I've listen to it on TBN netork, ever since this song stayed in my heart I love it. I wish I could get the music to it.

Thanks again
Posted:  22 Feb 2007 00:19
i really like this song Precious Jesus but i cannot find the name of the album. Can someone please help me and tell me the name of the album. i would greatly appreciate it.
Posted:  05 Mar 2007 15:56
I love this song so much  this song is a blessing  to me and my friends.when we song this song you can feel the holy spirit moving  through us .Because faith in God can move mountians out of your life.
Posted:  28 Mar 2007 22:51
To those that are looking for this album Darwin Hobbs has it on his CD the worshiper number 6 (worship medeley)

Be Bless,
Sis. J.Stansbury
Wilmington, De
Posted:  31 Mar 2007 05:37
Thanxs so much for the lyrics.  It has done my heart so well to see the words to this song.  We have to sing this song Sunday.  Thank you, again
Grand Rapids, MI
Posted:  11 Apr 2007 17:12
It is truly a blessing how I feel upon this page.  I've been searching for the lyrics to this blessed song and here I found it. Thank you Steve for the words because this song fell on my spirit to sing for my church's gospel program this Saturday but I didn't know the words now I sing this song boldly to the congregation and pray that it ministers to someone's heart and spirit.   Be continually blessed.

                                          Savior Praizer
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 19:12
thanks lots
Posted:  21 Apr 2007 20:36
This song is so powerful.
Posted:  22 Apr 2007 06:56
Wonderful information about this song on this site.This song is very powerful  and ministers to one's soul.
Posted:  22 Apr 2007 06:58
Check this URL for complete lyrics of this song...

http://www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/darwin_hobb ...
Posted:  18 Jun 2007 11:22
Hi Steve,
Thank you BIG TIME for taking the time to post the words of precious Jesus, i heard it several times times at church and it's just an amazing worship song,  and i have a friend thats been inquiring the words.. actually going to call her right now and forward it to her, once again thanks alot..and God bless you..
Posted:  28 Jul 2007 23:29
God bless u Steve 4 the words 2 this song.  It is really a blessing to know and see that someone has not only an EAR to hear the music, but that someone is listening with their spiritual EAR as well.  May God richly bless, favor, and supernaturally increase your life.

                                         Kevin Lynord
Posted:  30 Jul 2007 18:16
I heard a guest psalmist sing this in church and wanted to know the words for myself, had racked my brain to remember and find it on other sites.  Thanks for the information Steve.  It's a song you can't get out of your head. 

K. Barnes-NC
Posted:  31 Jul 2007 03:31
Can anyone tell me who sings this song so I can download it
Posted:  23 Aug 2007 05:51
I found this song on Limewire.  I found two versions.  One was by Darwin Hobbs and the other by Thomas Whitfield. (both are very good!)
Minister A.P.Allen
Posted:  04 Oct 2007 03:53
Thanks for all your posts. This song has been in my spirit & outr Praise  & Worship Team hopes to sing it soon.

Posted:  30 Oct 2007 20:10
God is so awesome.  Actually I am not sure if i am the person who asked for the words to this song over a year ago; but today God gave it to me to give to someone else.  So I look online and found it. As I continued to read this thread, my heart was truly blessed to see how much the words to this song has touched so many hearts.

The blessing about a praise song, if you just know a little bit, the Holy Spirit will give you what you need to sing His praise.

God bless you.
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