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Posted:  26 Sep 2007 17:42
can anyone supply the lyrics and chords to ,let there be peace on earth
Posted:  07 Oct 2007 01:10
IGuest, S this what you need?

Let There Be Peace On Earth

(C)Let (Am)there be (Dm7)peace on (G7)earth,
And (C)let it (F)be (C)gin with (Dm)me (G7)
(C)Let there be (B7)peace on earth,
The (Em) peace that was (B7) meant to (G)be(G7).
With (Am)God as our (Em)father(C7)
(F)Brothers (G7)all are (C)we,
(Am7)Let me (D7)walk with my (G)brother,
In (Am7) perfect (D7) harmo(G7)ny.

(C)Let (Am) peace be(Dm7)gin with (G7)me,
Let (C)this be (F) the (C)moment (Dm)now.
(C)With every (B7)step I take,
Let (Em)this be my (B7)solemn (G)vow (G7)
To(C) take each moment and (C+)live each moment
In (F) peace e(Fdim7)ter(Am)nal(D7)ly  (Fm6).
(C)Let (E7) there be (F)peace on (C) earth
(C7)And  (F) let (Dm7)it  be(G7)gin with (C)me.

Repeat entire song.
Posted:  20 Dec 2009 18:06
thanks, i've been looking for it!
Posted:  18 Jan 2010 03:11
Absoloutely brilliant, best version I've seen anywhere on the net. Not just panzy chords, some cheeky Augmenteds in there to spice it up
Posted:  12 Oct 2017 17:12
Finally, I found the right chords!  Thank you!!
Posted:  13 Oct 2017 00:55
I have the sheet music for "Let There Be Peace On Earth" if anyone wants it.  foxygrandma7@yahoo.com
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