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Posted:  25 Jul 2007 02:39
I love this song also, i which I played it on my wedding day
Posted:  19 Aug 2007 07:30
who sings the song "when got made you he must have been thinking about me.
Posted:  21 Sep 2007 05:52
I have been searching for this lyrics for these several days, And i find it in here. Tx..
It's sooo romantic song...I dont have a boyfriend now.
But I long for the moment, when someone come in to my life and sing this song for me..

Lia-His precious girl!
Posted:  24 Sep 2007 15:39
This is my dream song, i do thank thoose that conposed and sung it plus the God who inspired them
Posted:  01 Oct 2007 19:44
I Love this song
I am playing it at my weddin, Oct. 6 2007.
Posted:  15 Oct 2007 22:05
wow thats all i have to say...!! im engaged to my fiance, he ia a marine. and i mean no song can explain US but this one..!! thank you all for your feed back. this will def. be my wedding soong.
thanx a million

Posted:  17 Oct 2007 00:08
where can I download this song???
Posted:  17 Oct 2007 05:22   Last Edited By: steveliu
Here's a link on iTunes to the "official" version by Newsong:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/when-god-ma ...

God bless!
Posted:  10 Jan 2008 20:58
i love the i wonder what god wAS THINKING WHEN HE CREATED YOU------------------------------------------------------------THE BEST
Posted:  29 Jan 2008 16:04
thank you so much! I think I'll sing this song for our church marriage ministry valentine's dinner
Posted:  06 Feb 2008 21:02
Hi. I am planning my wedding this year and have been searching for the perfect song. I FOUND IT. I heard this song while at work. Thank you for writing this song. SM- Florida
Posted:  10 Mar 2008 03:26
I really like this site!! it has alot of stuff that i need!
Posted:  21 Mar 2008 16:08
Thank you for the lyrics. My husband and I keep hearing the song on the radio and now we can practice it and sing it together.

Deborah & Allan from Barbados
Posted:  28 Mar 2008 13:04
Posted:  29 Mar 2008 00:48
does anyone have the sheet music to this song to play on a piano?

Thank you! and God bless!

Posted:  29 Mar 2008 01:13
I am also looking for the lyrics and sheet music to the song "he has chosen you for me" If anyone has that as well!

Gods blessings...
Posted:  10 Apr 2008 05:47
hey i really like that song i will try to play that on the piano oh yeah
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 19:54
i heard dis in the Christian wedding i attended.
and when i hear the lyrics, waaaaaaaaaaa..... the only thing that came to my mind i s my wife..
all through the song..i remenise on the moments we have joys and the problem we encountered.
i will sing this to her in our 25 wedding..that could be 23 years from now,..
thanks a lot..^^;
Posted:  07 May 2008 00:33
I Think that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever.
This song was played as my husband and I took our first dance as man and wife. It will FOREVER have a special place in our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Corbin, November 4, 2007
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 04:47
this is such a nice song for all lovers and couples.....its everything that you need...its all there..GB
Posted:  23 Jun 2008 06:32
thank you very..awesome song it touches rigth thru my heart..

Posted:  11 Sep 2008 15:53
Hi! can anyone help?
i need this song's piano sheet~
i need it for my teacher's wedding~

Thanks & God Bless,
Posted:  13 Sep 2008 19:23   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Amy,

Here's a link to the sheet music on SheetMusicPlus.Com

NewSong - When God Made You

Posted:  06 Oct 2008 17:37
Hi Steve...
thank you for the link..
but is there possible for me to get a free one?
because i am not living at US..
and i am still a student..
thank you!

Posted:  09 Feb 2009 00:52
hi! what's the exact title of the song? and who composed the song? any idea?
Posted:  26 Feb 2009 08:56
hi guys...do you have sheets for the song when god made you? im dying to play it in piano! hhehe
Posted:  31 Jul 2009 12:26
Can anyone e-mail me the sheet music of this song, "I am desperate for it, and cannot afford to buy it over the internet.  I am actually just looking for it to play with guitar accompany...I fell inlove with this song one year ago, and also want it to play at my wedding.  please.  My email address is ernetblatt@yahoo.com
Posted:  24 Nov 2009 01:38
This is an awesome song we played it at our wedding.
Posted:  09 Dec 2009 04:28
I need this song in Spanish to sing at a wedding. Any suggestions?
Posted:  12 Oct 2010 10:12
i really love this song..this song is dedicated to my gf...GOD must really thinking of me when he bring jhen into my life...i love you mine..
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