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Posted:  09 Oct 2012 15:39
Loads of memories ! We used to sing this 40 plus yrs ago at the Orchard Infant School in East Molesey Surrey
Posted:  10 Mar 2013 12:45
I sang the first two verses of this song in Coteford Primary School in Eastcote, Middlesex. I have always remembered the words but never heard it since until now! I think the lovely teacher who taught it to us was called Mrs Stark.
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 14:01
I have been looking for this hymn for years, I too loved it at Primary School at Stainton Grove, Barnard Castle in the 1960'sl.  Thank you all, now all I need is the tune.
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 17:56
Also sung regularly at Riverdale Junior School, Redcar
Posted:  15 Aug 2013 09:36
Found myself humming the tune on the ferry back from Dubrovnik to kolocep island late last night. Wonderful how something triggers a memory from primary school assemblies of the 70s . It was my favourite at ChristChurch school Downend Bristol and was in the Gloucestershire county hymn book .Ruth
Posted:  24 Aug 2013 22:50
I love this hymn too but only remember the first couple of versus.  I think we use to sing it in rounds too.
Posted:  10 Oct 2013 23:00
The headmaster Mr Gradwell's daughter stood in for him one day and taught us the hymn at Shrubland Street Primary school Leamington Spa. I love it and  still remember the words.Cynthia
Posted:  02 Dec 2013 00:04
Cannot believe so many people like me love this song,i use to live at Peppercombe ,quite near Appledore in North Devon and my gran use to sing it when I was little and I made a little alter on the beach when I was very young and sang this song all the time, expect it was because my whole family were fishing mad!I was looking for it because I want it sung at my funeral(hope a long......,time in the future )but wanted to put it safe with my will so very very pleased to find all the words as forgot some of them. Big Thank You.
Posted:  19 Jan 2014 20:53
Oh my goodness, the memories the words of this hymn brings back. We sang this regularly at friarage primary school, scarborough in the 1960s. It was my favourite.  My dad was a fisherman. I wonder if the children there still sing it now and think about their dads out at sea. Lynne.
Posted:  09 Aug 2014 10:20
Love this song - so many memories of infant/junior school.
Posted:  14 Oct 2014 22:31
Sang this in the late fifties at Chaulden primary school, Hemel Hempstead,
to a lovely tune.  The words were on a chart on the wall, operated by a pulley!
Posted:  03 Nov 2014 10:21
Remember singing it at Chater Infants School Watford in the early 1960s! Now seeking the words so my daughter can teach it to her reception class. Thank you all x Judy
Posted:  24 Apr 2015 22:04
Can't get the tune to play. Such a shame. I wanted to share it with friends in Northumberland, used to sing it at Infant school inBeckenham.
Posted:  29 Jul 2015 22:36
Thank you for the memories, we used to sing this as the evening hymm on a Friday afternoon before going home. Didsbury Rd school Heaton Mersey Stockport.
Posted:  07 Feb 2016 12:45
Thank you so much! This hymn has haunted me benignly and emotionally since I sang it in assembly with the other children at Errington School Marske-By-Sea in 1961. I can remember the tune to this day. Thank you Mr. Penstone and thank you  www.namethathymn.com.  dsp@davidshaw-parker.com
Posted:  11 Mar 2016 20:19
Jut found this thread - it was one of my favourite hymns too.
The music is in the 1931 edition of 'Songs of Praise' (as used in many schools in the mid 20th century) edited by Percy Dearmer, R. Vaughan Williams) and Martin Shaw, and it's at number 378.
You should be able to get a copy secondhand (or possibly even new from OUP). Make sure you search for the 'Enlarged edition with music' e.g. at http://tinyurl.com/gnq9paw
Posted:  02 Jul 2016 20:12
I remember singing this at Micklethwaite first school at crossflats in Yorkshire. So many cosy memories.
Posted:  14 May 2017 13:53
Steve, thank you so much. I am now a Methodist minister at wesleychester.co.uk
I've been asked to speak at a group who would like to hear about hymns which have been significant in my journey and this is my first choice from my childhood at Broadway Methodist, Cullercoats in the 1970s. I'd been racking my brains and had come up with verse 2 and could search! Thank you.  God Bless Christine
Posted:  08 Oct 2017 15:04
Sang this at Carlyle Infant School in Littleover, Derby, in the late 70s.  Memories...
Posted:  28 Oct 2017 19:22
Thank you for this thread, at didsbury road school heaton mersey ..stockport,  we used to have a short evening assembly on a Friday in the late 1950' at the close of the school week, this was often chosen by the super headmaster denis crumpton. .always wanted the words, it was never sang in my local methodist church....thank you all do much
Posted:  17 Nov 2017 18:28
If the teacher ever allowed us to choose a hymn we always chose this at Bracebridge  Heath  Lincoln primary school in the late 40s,we loved it.
Posted:  25 Feb 2018 21:08
Appreciate the lyrics; I only recalled the first verse, actually the first two lines and recalled them a little differently:

When lamps are lighted in the town
The fisher folks awake

Don't know if the second line is misremembered but it's stuck in my head that way.

We learned it before we could read; it was in my first year at school, which was at Denton Road School, Newcastle upon Tyne.  We would have had to memorise the words, as best we could.  There was lots of sea fishing only about ten miles away, on the N.E. coast.

I wish I knew the tune.
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