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Posted:  13 Sep 2007 23:36
Does anybody know this hymn ? I think it starts when lamps are lighted in the town, the fishermen at sea....I recall singing those words at school assembly back in the early seventies. Thanks.
Posted:  17 Sep 2007 06:06
Hi Guest,

Found them! Lyrics are by M. M. Penstone (1859-1910)

When Lamps Are Lighted In the Town

When lamps are lighted in the town,
The boats sail out to sea;
The fishers watch when night comes down,
They work for you and me.

When little children go to rest,
Before they sleep, they pray
That God will bless the fishermen
And bring them back at day.

The boats come in at early dawn,
When children wake in bed;
Upon the beach the boats are drawn,
And all the nets are spread.

God hath watched o'er the fishermen
Far on the deep dark sea,
And brought them safely home again,
Where they are glad to be.

Hope it helps. God bless!
Posted:  18 Sep 2007 00:34
Wow, thanks so very, very much ! This hymn brings back so many memories ! I am so gratful !
Posted:  16 Sep 2008 21:05
Thank you for this post have been looking for this song for ages as it brings back memories of infant school Ruth
Posted:  10 Oct 2008 20:48
Don't suppose anyone knows where I can get a copy of the musical score for this hymn?
It was my favourite when I was in Primary School and I'd like to teach it to my kids now.
Posted:  22 May 2009 16:34
I've been searching for this hymn for ages. We used to sing it at primary school in London and it always gave me a sense of longing for the summer holidays and going down to stay with my great gran by the sea in Devon.
Posted:  01 Sep 2009 07:10
Posted:  01 Sep 2009 07:25
I mean, ST SAVIOUR'S SCHOOL. I spelled it the American way in my previous post, which of course wasn't the way it was spelled because it was an English run school in early post colonial Africa which was when I attended it. This was early 1960s; I had school mates from various parts of the world. Those were heady times; great and fun. The turmoil came later, mid to late 1960s as the world experienced great upheavals.
Posted:  16 Jul 2010 18:57
I too have been trying to remember the words to this hymn - I'm so happy now.
Thank you so much.
Posted:  18 Aug 2010 22:41
The tune, that we sang this hymn to (Broadstone Primary School, Dorset) was
CAPEL. You can hear a version at

http://www.familyfriendlychurches.org.uk/NewS ...

David Whitehead
Posted:  24 Oct 2010 09:38
I've been looking for these lyrics for a long time and like a previous posting they remind me of childhood holidays in the little fishing village of Appledore in North Devon.
Posted:  20 Jan 2011 11:55
Memories of primary school (over 40 years ago)!  This one always sticks in the mind - I remember it had loads of flats to play on our recorders!!
Posted:  21 Jan 2011 21:07
We used to sing it at school assembly in Hastings, East Sussex, over 40 years ago. Hastings has the largest beach-based fishing fleet in Europe and everyone knew someone in the fishing community so very poignant.
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 08:21
wow-I have been singing this song to my children and they love it, but could only remember one verse -thanks for the rest. Brings back memories singing it during assembly at Kilimani Primary School in Kenya.
Posted:  30 Jan 2011 20:45
I come from Fishing stoc when I was a kid and was a regular hymn at school and sung regularly at funerals of family fishermen
Posted:  30 May 2011 15:39
I love this hymn.  iIt was Hymn number144 in our Hymn books at Bursar  St school Cleethorpes and made me think of my brother at sea. Thanks for the memories.
Posted:  06 Jul 2011 15:59
Thrunscoe School Cleethorpes as well - again over 40 years ago!!!
Posted:  14 Aug 2011 18:15
Portland Underhill junior school sang this one quite often in school in the mornings. That would be about 1975 ish.
Posted:  10 Sep 2011 22:41
Whiteshill school, GLOS in the early 80s. Thank you for that. I'll be singing it to my kids! I still find myself singing stuff I sang nearly 30 years ago and the lyrics speaking to me. Who'd have thought his song would touch so many people so many years later? We never know what footprints we'll leave.
Posted:  18 Sep 2011 18:13
Vine Road Primary Green St Green. My favourite school hymn. 1961/2/3/4
Posted:  24 Oct 2011 00:04
I'm really glad you identified these lyrics, I've been looking for them for ages. The tune we sang at Invicta Road Infant School, Greenwich was Stracathro which is in the English Hymnal and other hymn books.
  love and God bless you from Tony
Posted:  31 Oct 2011 22:07
We sang this hymn at harvest time, at my primary school in Gorleston on sea. Thanks sooo very much for putting it on the internet. It brings back so many happy memories, and it is such a lovely hymn.
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 01:10
Oh this takes me back. I have been looking out for this hymn for a few years now. It too takes me back to my primary school years. We sang it at Wivelsfield Primary School, back in the 1970's.
Posted:  21 Mar 2012 22:35
remember this as if it was yesterday, but it's forty years since i last sung this song! Gelligaer Junior School ,Mid Glamorgan. What an amazing hymn/song, It took me back to the early 70's power cuts 'n' all !
Posted:  06 Apr 2012 20:52
Oh wow, i could also only remember the first couple of lines and I really didn't
Think I would find the words when I googled it. It was a favorite of mine from primary school too! 1960s All Hallows, Gedling, Nottingham
Posted:  10 Apr 2012 15:10
As above - very fond memories of this song from Alverton Primary School in Penzance
Posted:  30 Apr 2012 16:04
I often start singing this song on dark blustery days, this was a hymn we sang when I was at Elford Primary School in the mid 1960's and my sisters and brothers before me and my mum and her sisters & brothers. What happy schoolday memories.
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 10:52
If only I could remember all of the tune!!! This was my favourite hymn at school 42 years ago-Downs junior in Brighton!
Posted:  21 Jun 2012 17:22
My favourite hymn in school assembly. So many memories! Thank you.
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 10:24
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