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Posted:  10 Sep 2007 19:40
I know the name to this song but I only remember some of the words. 

He rose he rose from earths domain
Upon Galgotha's brow
He lives on high beyond the sky
His tomb is empty now

When Mary came unto the tomb
To see Where Jesus lay
Something, something, something
The stone was rolled away

something something
He is not here go tell the world
He's risen just like he said

I would appreciate the rest of the words if somebody out there could help me.
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 22:26
The Tomb Is Empty Now

The Tomb is empty now, Our Saviour is no longer there

The price has been paid, From the manger to the grave

The Tomb is empty now

The promise was given, that a Saviour would come

The price was God’s own son, From His humble birth at Bethlehem 

To a hill called Calvary

He was willing to bear my sin for me there, so I could be made free


Now His life’s work is finished, He is seated up on High

Seated At The Right Hand Of God, He hears our every prayer

He sent the Holy Spirit, to comfort and to die

By Faith I believe He cares for me, thru His Blood I’m Sanctified.

Posted:  12 Apr 2009 02:19
The angel said (spake?) to Mary there,
Why seek Him among the dead.
Go tell the world he is not here.
He has risen just like he said,,,
Posted:  13 Apr 2009 01:39
The title to this song is actually "He Rose".  It was recorded by Liberty Quartet in 2004.  I believe the Cathedrals might have also recorded it.


My Savior died upon a tree
For crimes He had not done.
The Lamb of God on Calvary
Redemption for us won.
They placed my Lord in Joseph’s tomb
With shields and guards about.
An angel came down to His tomb
And turned my Savior out.

He rose, He rose from Earth’s domain
Upon Golgotha's brow.
He lives on high beyond the sky,
His tomb is empty now.

Then Mary came at early dawn
To see where Jesus lay.
His clothes were there, but He was gone.
The stone was rolled away.
The angel spoke to Mary there,
“Why seek Him among the dead?
Go tell the world He is not here.
He’s risen just like he said!”

Posted:  13 Apr 2009 19:57
That's such a nice song! If you like Easter songs you might like this song:

They have been saying,
all our plans are empty.
They have been saying,
where is their God now?

Chorus: Roll away the stone,
see the glory of God!
Roll away the stone!

They have been saying,
No one will remember,
They have been saying,
power rules the world!

They have been saying,
no one hears the singing,
they have been saying,
all our strength is gone.

They have been saying,
all of us are dying,
they have been saying,
all of us are dead.

       CHORUS 2x

Enjoy and God Bless!
Posted:  04 Apr 2010 21:47
The song above is called "Roll Away the Stone" by Tom Conroy, however I can not find it anywhere online.
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