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Posted:  02 Feb 2006 18:05
I think the chorus of this songs 9s: He's gone, the stone is rolled back, gone, the tomb is empty, gone to be by His Father's side. Gone over death triumphant, gone, sin's defeated, gone to live forever more.

I need the verses and/or the corrected chorus. Thanks!

Be blessed
Posted:  02 Feb 2006 22:02
We sing this a lot at our church.  Here it is!!
- Heather


1)  Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus
The stone was moved and he had gone away,
The angel said, fear not, I know who seek ye.
He is risen, this she heard him say.

Gone, the stone was rolled back,
Gone, the tomb was empty,
Gone, to sit at his father's side.
Gone, over death triumphant,
Gone, sin is defeated,
Gone, but he lives forevermore.

2)  My friend if you don't know my risen Savior,
I beg of you, don't wait too late to pray,
Don't wait until his bride has been completed,
Don't wait until you hear him say too late.
Posted:  10 Sep 2006 07:25
does anyone know who sings this
Posted:  12 Sep 2006 06:36
Yes!  It was recorded many years ago by Teddy Huffam and the Gems. 

The chorus is:
Gone the stone is rolled back
Gone the tomb is empty
Gone to sit at his Father's side
Gone over death triumphant
Gone sin is defeated
Gone he lives forevermore
Posted:  21 Sep 2006 13:44
I heard this song on a Christian radio station and I was trying to find out who sang this.  Thank you for answering the other person's question.  I am going to see if I can find a CD with this song on.  The message is very good.  Blessings to you all.
Posted:  23 Mar 2008 16:25
This song is also sung by the Florida Boys and was written by Rusty Goodman.
Posted:  24 Mar 2008 03:36
I love this song and is beautiful when done by a quartet.  Does anyone have the sheet music to this song?  email at   pkasper@peoplestelecom.net
Posted:  24 Mar 2008 04:10
I made an error.  The song was written by Eldridge Fox, not Rusty.  Just reading from notes to fast.   

He is Risen!
Posted:  30 Mar 2009 16:42
The Gaithers Sang this song on a Homecoming Project... Jesse Dixion did the lead.
Posted:  15 Apr 2009 00:58
The song was written in the early 70's by Eldridge Fox and first performed and recorded by his group "The Kingsmen".  This was at a time when virtually every gospel group recorded every great song that came out, so it was also done by The Blue Ridge Quartet, The Florida Boys, and many others.  Several groups have brought it back in recent years including the Dixie Melody Boys and Signature Sound.

There is also another verse:

Oh come with me and see this risen savior
Who still can turn the dark of death to day
He can calm the storms of doubt and part the ocean
and he can still roll your heavy stones away
Posted:  15 Apr 2009 01:43
Help!!  I know this may sound funny... but how do I post a topic on this sight?

Thanks and God Bless!!
Posted:  15 Apr 2009 01:59
Click on "Search" at top of screen. Then do as you just did. There will be a blank box to type in your subject.
Posted:  15 Apr 2009 02:03
  I told you wrong, sorry....click on "Hymn Lyrics - Search request" located under the black bar that has "Forum" written on it.  Sorry for the mistake.
Posted:  12 Nov 2009 00:05
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond  ---- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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